5 Little Monsters: Type 1 Diabetes Awareness & Shirt Design

Type 1 Diabetes Awareness & Shirt Design

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and more specifically November 14th is World Diabetes Day. Type One Diabetes is a huge part of our family's lives, and has been for the past 3 1/2 years, ever since my now 10 year old daughter was diagnosed just after her 7th birthday. 

I have a few of these posts on my blog from the past 3 years, and it is definitely a bit of a shift from the holiday projects that I have been sharing over the past couple of weeks, but it is something I feel it is so important to share. I have heard of several families recently that have had children diagnosed with T1D and the earlier it can be caught the better it is, and the more awareness that is out there the more likely it will be recognized early. 

Looking back at Lucy's diagnosis I am so grateful we figured out what was going on when we did, I know it could have been so much worse, but seeing my little girl so sick was one of the scariest days of my life. Especially as we realized what what going on and knowing that this was something she would be dealing with for the rest of her life. 

When we left the hospital after 3 days of learning everything we could about Type 1 Diabetes I was so overwhelmed. I couldn't imagine how we would figure it out. Luckily my little 7 year old was an absolute champ and made it easy to adjust. I was so amazed by how brave and strong she was as her whole world changed. 

Over the past 3+ years there have definitely been a lot of ups and downs. Most of the time Lucy handles it so well. Occasionally there are really rough patches that we have had to work through. Most of the time I feel like I handle it pretty well and it really has just become our normal. Then other times, usually after either a bad low, or when we are dealing with stubborn highs, I completely fall apart. I still wish there was a way I could take this away from my little girl, I wish she didn't have to deal with it, but she does and I am constantly amazed by how well she does it. 

I have made her Diabetes Awareness shirts several times since her diagnosis. This year I wanted a design that was a little less "little kid" looking, and I wanted something that really represented her. Lucy doesn't let her Diabetes hold her back. She can do anything, except make insulin, and I hope she always remembers that. 

How to Make an I Can Do Anything Except Make Insulin Shirt (with SVG)

You will need:

  • Cricut or other cutting machine
  • iron on (htv)
  • EasyPress (or other heat press or iron)
  • blank shirt
  • I Can Do Anything SVG


Upload it to your design software. I use a Cricut so I uploaded it to Cricut Design Space. 

Resize as needed to fit the shirt you are making. I sized mine to 8" across for a girls size 14, and I actually wish I had done it just a little bit smaller, maybe 7" instead. 

Cut out of Iron On. 

Weed your cut design. 

Press onto your shirt using the recommended heat settings for the materials you are using. 

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  1. I can so totally relate with this. Our granddaughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 3 days before her 6th birthday, she is now 10 years old. After having 4 children with no health problems, Claire came along, and all was fine until the dreaded day of diagnosis, Like your Lucy, Claire lets nothing stop her from doing the things she wants to do. She is an avid soccer player, swims like a fish and loves robotics, to name a few things. Thank you for the shirt idea. I don't have a Cricut machine, but I know someone who does and think I might just get her to do this for me. Thank you and God bless you all.