5 Little Monsters: Christmas in July: 20+ Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

Christmas in July: 20+ Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

I know July seems like it is way too early to be thinking about Christmas but I feel like whether it is decor or gifts, if I don't get an early start it doesn't get done. Every year it seems like in November I start thinking of all of the projects I want to make and then between my long list of projects and all of the parties and busyness of the season I end up working on them up to the last minute and still end up only finishing half of the things on my list. Plus some things you want to have ready before Christmas, like advent calendars and decorations, so you can put them out at the beginning of the season. In this post I am going to share some of my favorite 5 Little Monsters Christmas Crochet Patterns.

Crocheted Stocking Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars are great make ahead Christmas projects since they need to be ready by December 1st instead of the 25th. Plus this one is made of 24 little stockings that are made individually so it is a great take along project or something you can work on a little bit here and a little there. There is even a video tutorial for the heel portion if you need help figuring it out. 

Nativity Sets

Probably my very favorite pattern as well as my most popular, I put my nativity out every year and each year I try to add to it. This is another one I like to get done early so it can be out all season long and there are quite a few pieces so it can take awhile to make. I have the Original Nativity Set, which includes Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus in a manger, 2 shepherds, a sheep, a donkey and a star. 

Then I added the pattern for the 3 Wise Men with their gifts.

Then came an Angel.

There is also a Mini Version. My husband took this to work last year to put on his desk and it was the perfect size for that. It is also a great size for kids to play with. When I made the smaller version I wanted to make something similar to the Little People sets, something that would be very kid friendly. 


One of my favorite things to make for Christmas are ornaments. They don't usually take long to make and you can make anything from super traditional things like Santas and Snowmen, to less traditional like owls and unicorns, to characters and objects from books. I have some that fit in each of those categories and they are so fun to make to hang on my own tree or to give as gifts. 

I have a series of traditional Christmas Characters that are all made from the same basic shape so they make a great set, there is a Santa, a Snowman, a Toy Soldier, a Penguin, and an Angel. I am planning to add more to the set this year so keep an eye out for those. 

I also have a cute little Gingerbread Man, a Christmas Tree, or simple Hearts, Stars, or Snowflakes.

If you want to go the less traditional route the Colorful Owl Ornaments are some of my favorites, the Unicorn was a big hit with the little girls in my house. The Death Star is a fun one to make for Star Wars fans. 


I also have a few other things that are fun to make and put out around the house at Christmas time.

The Sedge Stitch Stocking uses the sedge stitch to give this traditional stocking a pretty texture.

The Crocheted Christmas Elves are really cute in their red and green striped outfits, there is a pattern for a boy and a girl so you can make the set. 

Christmas Pillows, the Scandinavian Snowflake Pillow is probably my favorite, but you can go wrong with a Classic Granny Square either.


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