5 Little Monsters: BFF Bead Bracelets

BFF Bead Bracelets

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Today is day 3 of my Read Across America Week book inspired craft projects. Each Day this week I am sharing a project based on a favorite book. I started with a picture book, then moved to kind of an elementary age chapter book, and now today's book is one that I loved as a teenager- Anne of Green Gables. 

Like the book I chose for yesterday, this one is actually more of a series that I love, not just a book. I love the Anne series and read the books several times as a teenager. I loved the whole series and I don't know that I could really pick a favorite, however I think there a couple books in the middle I enjoyed less than the others. Some of my favorites were actually the end of the series where they are more about Anne and Gilbert's kids. I think I loved Anne's stories because I was so much the opposite of Anne. I was quiet and shy and Anne was bubbly and talkative. I loved to escape to Anne's world on Prince Edward Island when I would read the books. 

I have actually already shared a couple of Anne of Green Gables projects on my blog in the past, including a crocheted Anne doll, and a canvas with a quote from the book. For this project I decided to do something a little less specific to the book, it isn't something actually in the book or based on a character, but instead something more inspired by the story as a whole. One of the most important parts of the book is the friendship between Anne and Diana. Anne goes from being alone in the world to finding a family with Matthew and Marilla, and a best friend in Diana. 

So for todays project I made some simple little BFF Bracelets to recognize the story of friendship. I used letter beads combined with clay disc beads, as well as a few other beads and findings. I added clasps to the ends rather than just making a stretchy bracelet. I think these would be fun for friends to make together. I know my girls would enjoy making them for themselves and their best friends. 

How to Make BFF Bead Bracelets

You will need:


I have made clay disc bead bracelets in the past just using just elastic thread for a stretchy bracelet that can be pulled on and off, and you can definitely do that for these bracelets as well. But this time I chose to make them with clasps to take them on and off. Either way you will want to make sure to glue your knots to help keep them secure. 

The beads I used came in a set with lots of colors of disc beads, some letter beads, a few gold accent beads, and the jewelry findings I needed for the bracelets. You can also find all of them separately, or use any beads you might have on hand. 

To make the bracelet you will want to either measure the wrist to see how long you need the bracelet, or use the following measurements as a guide:

4-8 years         6"
9-14 years       6.5"
Adult Small    7"
Adult Med      7.5"
Adult Large    8"

Cut the elastic thread a few inches longer than you need the finished bracelet so you have plenty of room to work.

Start by adding the BFF letter beads to the center of the string, or you could add names instead if you prefer. 

Add beads to each side of the letters to create the design you want. I used colored sections of 10 beads separated by 3 white beads, with gold metal beads at the beginning and end. 

Once you have all of the beads strung on the bracelet you can tie it off at this point for just an elastic bracelet, or add an open knot cover and tie a knot. Add a drop of superglue to the knot, cut the yarn, and close the knot cover. Repeat on the other side. Add jump rings and lobster clasp. 

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