5 Little Monsters: Mini Blocks Dishcloth

Mini Blocks Dishcloth

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If you have been following me for any period of time you probably know that one of my favorite ways to try out different crochet stitches, as long as they aren't too lacy or open, is to make a set of dishcloths. They are a great project all year round, anytime you want something you can make quick, but especially great this time of year for spring cleaning projects. They work up fast, and are useful too! 

Last month I shared a new dishcloth pattern and I mentioned in that post that I had originally started a scarf with that stitch and then decided to use it to make a dishcloth too. When I was trying to decide on a stitch for the scarf I wanted to make I had narrowed it down to 2 different stitches, the one that I ended up using, and the one I am using in this dishcloth today. 

I realized as I was trying out each stitch they would both be great for dishcloths. This stitch reminds me of the block stitch, but made with 2 half double crochet stitches in place of the 3 double crochet stitches that the block stitch uses. 

It is a 2 row repeat just like the block stitch, one using single crochet and chain stitches, the other using half double crochet stitches. Since it looks like a smaller version of the Block Stitch I decided to call it the Mini Blocks Dishcloth. I feel like this version actually works better than the block stitch in this case because the stitches are smaller so you don't get the gaps you can get with the regular block stitch. It gives you a little bit of texture with a simple stitch repeat, perfect for a quick dishcloth. 

How to Crochet the Mini Blocks Dishcloth

You will need:


Finished Size: approximately 8" square

To make a larger or smaller cloth adjust the number of chains at the beginning, start with an even number of chains, more for a larger cloth, less for a smaller cloth. Then adjust the number of rows accordingly, more rows for a larger cloth, less for a smaller cloth. 

The stitches in the sc, ch row (Row 3) are worked in between the pairs of half double crochet stitches, not into the actual stitches. The half double crochet stitches (row 2) are worked into the chain spaces from the previous row (again, not into the actual stitches but into the chain space around the chain).

ch 28
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, [ch 1, skip 1, sc in next st] repeat to the end (14 sc, 13 ch sp)
Row 2: ch 2, turn, 2 hdc in each ch sp to the end, hdc in last sc stitch (13 hdc pairs)
Row 3: ch 1, turn, skip first st, sc between first hdc and first hdc pair, (skip next hdc pair, ch 1, sc in between the skipped pair and the next pair) repeat to the end working your last chain between the final hdc pair and the beginning ch from row 2 (14 sc, 13 ch sp)

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you have the size you want, I worked a total of 24 rows ending with a hdc row (row 2)

Before cutting your yarn you can crochet a single crochet border around the edge of your dishcloth as follows:

Border: ch 1, rotate 90 degrees so you are working down the side and starting in the corner work sc sts all the way down the side of the dishcloth as evenly as possible, 3 sc in corner, sc in each st across bottom, 3 sc in corner, sc evenly up the next side, 3 sc in corner, sc in each st across the top, 2 more sc in same stitch as first sc, sl st to first st to finish off

cut yarn and weave in ends

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