5 Little Monsters: Printable Rainbow Bookmarks

Printable Rainbow Bookmarks

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I am popping in in the middle of my book inspired craft week with a Team Creative Crafts collaboration. I chose to make something book related but not inspired by a specific book for my project this month, although later today I will be sharing the next book inspired craft project for the week. This month the theme for the projects was rainbows. 

I'm sure I could have planned things out better since I knew this would fall during this week and come up with a book that had something to do with rainbows and tied the two projects together, but I chose the books I was going to use several weeks ago and none of them really fit and I decided I didn't want to change any of them. So I just made a simple set of printable rainbow bookmarks to stick in in the middle of my book inspired crafts. 

Each of the 4 bookmarks has a different pattern designed in rainbow colors. You can print them off and leave them as is for an easy, 
colorful bookmark, or add an cute tassel to the top made of embroidery floss. 

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Printable Rainbow Bookmarks with Tassels

You will need:

  • Rainbow Bookmarks PDF
  • white cardstock
  • printer
  • paper cutter or scissors
  • hole punch
  • embroidery floss for tassels


Print the bookmarks from the Rainbow Bookmarks PDF.

Cut them out and either leave them as is or punch a hole in the top and follow the instructions below to make a tassel.

To make the tassels wrap the embroidery floss several times around 4 fingers, the more times you wrap the thicker your tassels will be. Cut the thread when you have the thickness you want. 

Cut a thread about 8" long and tie it through the middle of the wrapped thread bundle, so you will have one circle of the wrapped threads and one single thread circle that are connected. 

Spin the single thread that you just tied onto the bundle so that the knot is on the inside of the bundle, then tie a knot just on the outside of the bundle.

Wrap another piece of thread around the top of the bundle several times then either tie it off to pull the end of the thread through the wrapped section to secure in place. I use a small crochet hook to pull the end through.

Trim the ends of the bundle and your tassel is complete.

Insert the single thread loop through the hole in the bookmark.

Pull the tassel through the loop to attach. 

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