5 Little Monsters: Gamer Shirts with Color-Changing and Reflective Iron On

Gamer Shirts with Color-Changing and Reflective Iron On

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Yesterday Cricut announced a few new products that they just released and I was lucky enough to get to try them out ahead of time, so I have a few projects planned over the next few days to share using the new products. Since today is Mario Day (MAR10) I thought it would be fun to share a video game themed craft using a couple of the new iron on products. 

One of the new products that they came out with was a UV activated color changing iron on. I was really excited about this one because I knew my kids would love having shirts and other things that changed color when they went outside in the sun. I used this color changing iron on to make one of the shirts I'm sharing here. 

One of the things that is fun about this iron on is that it all looks white until the sun hits, then you can see the color. That makes the designs really fun because you can use just one color and have it change from white to another color in the sun, or you can do like I did with this design and use multiple colors and see it go from plain white to a rainbow of colors when the sun hits. 

The other iron on that I used was the new Reflective Iron On. This has a subtle color to it until direct light hits it, then it turns into a bright rainbow that kind of reminds me of an oil spot. 

You can obviously use it on any color, but I thought it looked really cool on the black t-shirt. It kind of blends into the shirt a little bit and is pretty subtle until the light hits it just right an then you really see that rainbow come out. 

My kids loved their new shirts and they thought it was so cool to see the magic that happened in the sun or the right light. We are definitely going to have fun making more stuff with these fun iron ons. 

How to Make Gamer Shirts with Color Changing and Reflective Iron On 

You will need:


To make these designs I used images available in Cricut Design Space that are free with Cricut Access. You can find both designs in my Gamer Shirts Design Space Project. 

For the black shirt I just chose one of many video game controllers available in the images. 

For the purple shirt I was inspired by a different design I found in design space, but I didn't like the fact that the colors were layered on top of each other and there were a lot of little lines, so I duplicated it and made my own version that was a little more simplified and without having the colors layered on top of each other. You can see the 2 designs below, the original on top and my simplified version below. 

With both of these new iron on types you cut them out the same as other Cricut Iron On, make sure you mirror them and select the right material types, they are both available in the material list. 

Weed the designs.

Press the designs on your shirt following the instructions in the Cricut Heat Guide. I pressed them at 315 degrees for 30 sec. 

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