5 Little Monsters: Baby Anchor Hat Color Variations

Baby Anchor Hat Color Variations

I started my blog almost a year ago and one of the first patterns that I published was a pattern for a little striped newborn hat with an anchor appliqué. I was talking to my mom the other day and she asked if I could make some little baby hats for her. She mentioned a few different hat designs one of which was my Anchor Hat pattern, and that she needed some for boys and some for girls. I thought it would be fun to try that pattern in some different colors. I originally chose the navy, white and red because it is a very traditional nautical look, but I decided to play around with the colors a little bit. I wanted to try some that were kind of girly as well as some other boyish versions. I think pink and navy can be a really cute combination and it is not that different from red and navy. I also thought it would be kind of cute to throw in some lighter blue or aqua. I ended up using some yarn I had leftover from other projects, newborn hats don't take a lot of yarn, especially for a few skinny stripes or an appliqué. We had a Harry Potter movie marathon over the past week and I was able to make several hats over a couple of night of movie watching. I always enjoy having something to work on while I watch a movie and these were a perfect easy project.

I came up with 5 different hat colors and 5 different anchors (although two of them are different shades of dark blue) and had such a hard time deciding how to pair them up that I had to call my mom and ask her what she thought since they were for her. Each of the hats would have looked cute with more than one of the anchor colors. These are the colors we ended up going with:

I made two in girly colors, basically just opposites, one pink with a blue anchor and one blue with a pink anchor.

The next two I think are more boyish. One is aqua stripes with a red anchor and the other red stripes with a navy anchor.

And last is a yellow striped hat with a heather gray anchor. This one I figured could be for a boy or a girl.

It was kind of fun to play around with an old pattern and try out some new colors. I was really happy with the way they all turned out. Next I think that I might have to try to make the pattern in more sizes.

Newborn Anchor Hat Pattern

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