5 Little Monsters: January 2021

Embroidered Canvas Paintings

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I recently bought a big pack of canvases in order to make a Valentine project that I will share soon, but with all of those canvases sitting in my craft room I started getting the itch to paint something. 

Leather Tags for Crochet Projects

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A few years ago I made some leather tags that could be sewn onto crocheted items like hats. I cut them out with my Cricut Maker and then used my Cricut Cuttlebug to emboss the leather with different designs. They turned out kind of cool, the only problem was that I kind of wanted to be able to make more personalized designs than the Cuttlebug embossing folders allowed. 

Criss Cross Cowl

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A couple of months ago I made the Criss Cross Hat and ever since then I have been wanting to make a matching cowl or scarf.

Crochet Project Bag Iron On Designs

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I don't know about you, but I am never working on just one project. I always have multiple projects going at once. Sometimes it makes sense, like one of them is big or has a bunch of little pieces so I really only work on it at home, and another is a small project that I take with me to work on in the car in the school pickup line or other places I will be waiting. But plenty of other times the only reason is because in the middle of one project I get an idea that I just can't wait to try out so I start something new before I finish what I am working on, or I just get bored with a big project and have to break it up with something small.

Aurora Scarf

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 I feel like for most crafters the end of the year is often spent making projects meant for others, whether for gifts for friends and family, or to sell during the holidays. Either way it seems like we don't keep a lot of what we make, so I thought that would be kind of fun to share some projects over the next few days that are things you could make for yourself. Not that you can't make them for others, just that you could make them for yourself if you want.