5 Little Monsters: May 2022

Crocheted Dragon

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Today I am excited to be joining CAL Central for the Softie Crochet Along with a new crocheted softie pattern, a cute little crocheted dragon. 

Belle Book Bag

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Belle has always been my favorite Disney Princess, and one of the biggest reasons is the fact that she loves to read. And the beast's library, that alone pretty much cemented Beauty and the Beast as my favorite Disney movie the first time I saw it as a little kid. 

Earth Themed Perler Bead Designs

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In April I planned a set of Perler Bead Designs to share for Earth Day. I created the patterns and everything, but I didn't actually get them made in time to take pictures and write up a blog post before Earth Day so I ended up just pushing it aside and not posting it. 

Graduation Bear

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 It is graduation season, whether it is high school or college, or even just kindergarten or preschool, I think all of us know someone who is celebrating a graduation in the next few weeks (or already did). I thought it would be fun to make a little graduation teddy bear. 

Hello Summer Circle Sign

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I can't believe that summer is almost here. My kids only have a couple of weeks of school left before they are out for summer vacation. So with spring holidays over and summer just around the corner I have been trying to switch my crafting focus to summer crafts. 

Crocheted Dice or Trinket Bags 3 Ways

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A few years ago I shared a new crochet hat pattern of mine on Facebook. In the comments someone shared how they used that pattern with a thinner yarn and turned it into a little dice bag. It turned out really cool and I have kind of wanted to try making one ever since. 

Notebooks with Iron On Designs

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 Iron on is probably my favorite material to use with my Cricut. Most of the time I use it to make things like shirts, bags, and other fabric items. But, you can actually use iron on on a lot of different types of surfaces besides fabric, like wood, paper, cardstock, cork, and more. 

Tiny Turtles

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I rarely buy a new skein of yarn just because I like it. I usually only buy new yarn when I have a specific project in mind and I typically go to the store looking for exactly what I need. I'm not a very impulsive buyer, but every once in a while I see some yarn that I wasn't planning on buying but I immediately picture in my mind the perfect project and decide I have to get it. Then sometimes I bring that yarn home and start working on that perfect project only to find that I kind of hate it, the project not the yarn, like maybe that wasn't the perfect project for that yarn after all. 

Shibori Inspired Tie Dye Swaddle Blankets

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I cannot believe it is already May. This year seems to be flying by, but maybe that is just me. But a new month means another Team Creative Crafts collaboration. I really enjoy these challenges because it forces me to come up with something that I would probably not otherwise think to do. This month's theme is Tie Dye.