5 Little Monsters: June 2020

8 Baby Gifts to Sew

When someone I know has a new baby I love making a baby gift to give them. I often like to pair my handmade gift with something super practical, like diapers, but I love adding something handmade by me. 

Bee Kind T-Shirt Design (+4 More Bee Designs)

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One of my favorite shirts that I have ever made for myself was a Be Kind shirt. I really liked the design I created and wore it all the time in the fall and winter (it was a long sleeved t-shirt), and I liked the message too. Lately I have been seeing a lot of "Be Kind" type shirt designs, online, in social media ads, etc. One design that I have seen quite a bit is some version of Be Kind where the "BE" is replaced with a "BEE". 

Crocheted Market Bag

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A week or so ago I shared a pattern for a crocheted water bottle holder using a stitch that was alternating rounds of v-stitch and double crochet stitches worked in the chain spaces kind of like a granny stitch. I have had a market bag on my to-do list for quite a while and after I made the water bottle carrier I thought that stitch would work really well for a market bag too. So I decided to make one!

Wood Burned Coasters

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This project is one that has been on my to-do list for a long time. Well, maybe not this exact project but I have wanted to make a wood burned project for at least the past year. I just couldn't make up my mind exactly what I wanted to make and what I wanted it to look like. 

Top Dad Father's Day Shirt

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Father's Day is less than a week away now and I realized I have yet to do any Father's Day themed projects or gift ideas. I wanted to come up with something that could be made really fast, in case there is anyone else like me who waited until the last minute.

Crocheted Freezer Pop Holders- 2 Styles

freezer pops in crocheted holders

Every summer my kids love to eat Otter Pops (or other similar freezer pops), and every summer I think about making some little crocheted holders to keep their hands from getting super cold, and every summer I don't get around to it. I usually end up just wrapping paper towels around the popsicle so they have something to hold onto, or just let them have cold hands.

Recycled Denim Apron

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Recycled denim apron

Do you have a stack of outgrown or worn out jeans? I have a few garbage bags full of outgrown clothes sitting in my laundry room waiting to take to a thrift store, but they have been closed and not accepting donations for the last few months. Although if I am being honest it usually takes me a few months to get donations out of my house even when everything is open. 

Easy Cupcake Toppers with Adhesive Paper

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One of the fun things about the Cricut Joy is the new materials that came out along with it. One of the new materials is Adhesive backed paper. It is a heavy weight paper that has adhesive on the back so you don't need tape or glue. It comes in lots of pretty colors and prints, each pack has 5 different designs.

Alternating V-Stitch Water Bottle Carrier

Just over a week ago I shared a roundup of small crochet projects that are perfect for summer and warm weather, times when you don't want big, heavy projects draped over you, and when you aren't going to wear hats and scarves. One of the things I included in that roundup was a water bottle carrier. I made that one a few years ago and thought maybe it was time to make another version.

DIY Summer Window Clings

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I recently got a bunch of crafty projects and kits for my kids and one of the things that I got was a set of sun catchers. The kids loved seeing how the paint went on thick and opaque but dried thin and transparent. Making the sun catchers reminded me of some paints that I had that could be used to make window clings and I thought it would be fun to make a summer themed set.

Earth Corner to Corner Graphgan

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Ever since I was a little kid I have loved maps and globes. I remember getting a globe for Christmas one year when I was probably 6 or 7 years old and it was one of my favorite gifts ever and I had it for a really long time.