5 Little Monsters: October 2017

Thanksgiving Favor Bags

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Sometimes with so many things to make at do for Christmas it seems like it can be kind of easy for Thanksgiving to get sort of forgotten about. I have lots of Christmas projects to share over the next couple of months so I wanted to make sure to take some time to share a few Thanksgiving projects over the next week or so.

Crocheted Unicorn Hat with Flowers

My middle daughter loves unicorns, she has for quite a while and I have done a few projects in the past that are unicorn themed for her. For Halloween she decided that she wanted to be a unicorn. I wanted to make her costume. I have seen hats and headbands and I decided that I wanted to go the hat route because I thought with a hat she would be able to use it throughout the rest of the winter as a winter hat, where a headband would would be good for Halloween but that is about it.

Crocheted Turkey Video

A couple of years ago I made a crocheted turkey for Fairfield World. Recently I have gotten a few questions about how to crochet the legs/feet of the turkey. I thought I would make a quick video to help clarify the written instructions. The video only shows how to make the legs, not whole turkey, since that seems to be the part that people are having a difficult time with.

Happy Halloween Window Cling

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A while ago I recieved a box of Cricut products in the mail and one of the things that was in the box was a roll of window cling. I had never used it before and didn't really know what I would use it for. I thought about making some snowflakes to stick on my glass "screen" door in the winter but since it isn't winter yet I just set it aside and forgot about it. A few days ago I got another box of Cricut stuff in the mail, stuff that I had ordered for some future projects, and I was putting it all away. As I did I came across the roll of white window cling and I thought maybe it would be fun to try it. I don't know if any of you have this problem but whenever I am cleaning or organizing my craft supplies I tend to be very easily distracted by the stuff I find. I finished putting away the vinyl I had ordered and then I pulled out my computer, came up with a design, cut it out, and had my daughter help me stick it on our door. I probably should have been working on other things but it was a fun, quick project, and my 4 year old was pretty excited to show everyone the new Halloween decoration she put up when they came home.

Crocheted Owl Keychain

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Last year around Christmas time I made some owl ornaments and I loved the way they turned out. I ended up making quite a few of them to give away and to sell. They were cute and colorful and fun. I thought it might be neat to alter that pattern slightly to make a smaller owl that could be made into a keychain.

Half Square Triangles with the Cricut Maker

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When I am coming up with a design for a quilt one of my go-to's is half-square triangles. I love that there are so many designs that can be made with half square triangles. By just changing the placement you can totally change the look of the quilt. Usually I cut squares, draw a line in the center,  sew 1/4" from each side, then cut down the middle along the line to get two half-square triangles. I decided to try using my Cricut Maker to cut out the triangle to see if I could make the process go a little quicker.

Candy Corn Bunting

A couple of years ago I was a contributor for Craftaholics Anonymous. Each month I would share a new project over there and then a few weeks later I would usually share the project here too. This project is one that I did there and then never shared over here. I think I just got busy and then Halloween passed and there was really no point in sharing it after Halloween so at that point I just figured I would save it and share it later. I like Halloween but I am definitely more of a cutesy Halloween person, not so much a fan of the gross, gory, scary stuff, and since there isn't really anything gory or gross about candy corn I decided to make a little bunting of candy corn. The triangle bunting shape was perfect for candy corn and although I am not a fan of eating them, I thought they would make a cute decoration. (the ghost pattern can be found here)

Trio of Trick or Treat Bags

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I have been making Trick or Treat bags for my kids and I had planned to share them over the course of a few days last week, but then life happened and I didn't get them up so I thought I would would just share them all together today. All three of these bags were made using canvas bags from Oriental Trading Company and designs that I cut out on my Cricut and ironed on. Two of them were made with basic black iron on and one was made with glitter iron on.

Crocheted Cauldron BOO Kit

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Have you ever BOO'd your neighbors or friends? Last year I put together a BOO kit in a crocheted Jack O Lantern basket and I really loved the way it turned out so this year I thought I would do something similar but with a different crocheted container. I decided it would be fun to make a cauldron shaped basket to fill with candy and other fun things. BOOing is a fun way to get ready for Halloween. It is always fun to surprise someone with candy, a neighbor, a friend, a co-worker, family member (I chose to BOO a family member), or anyone else you can think of that could use a surprise treat. Deliver it to them secretly and challenge them to do the same for someone else.

Halloween Treat Bags and Printable Tags

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Do you ever need to have snacks for a Halloween party? Maybe a classroom party for your preschool or elementary age kid, or just a party with friends. Today I am sharing a cute and easy way to dress up your snacks for a party. 

Crocheted Baby Doll Set

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I have been wanting to make a baby doll and doll set that included a moses basket style bed for a while, with 3 little girls in our house dolls are pretty popular around here. I recently got around to making the doll as well as a bed, blanket, and pillow set. I think it would make a really fun Christmas gift for a little girl, or a gift for an older sibling getting a new baby brother or sister.

Trick or Treat BOO! Bag

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A couple weeks ago I was challenged to make a Halloween project that took no more than 15 minutes. I made a simple little sign that said BOO! on it. I painted the wooden sign and cut the design from vinyl with my Cricut. As I was cutting out the sign I thought that I could easily adapt the design to make a trick or treat bag. It was a simple way to repurpose the design I created for one project to make another.

Painted Pumpkin with Crocheted Flowers

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I recently shared another post on the Darice blog, Live Craft Love, this time a quick fall project. All you need is a wooded pumkin cutout, some paint, and some crocheted flowers in fall colors. The flowers add a fun decorative touch to a simple wooden shape.

Crocheted Storage Basket

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Crocheted storage basket for diapers

Over the past 10 years I don't think there has ever been a time when we haven't had at least one kid in diapers. At times we had two in diapers at the same time. Over the years we have found a few things that have worked well for us. One of the things that I feel has been helpful is having a place to keep a few diapers in parts of the house that we spend a lot of time, like having a basket for diapers in the living room or downstairs in the family room. That way if we are all downstairs and need to change a diaper I don't have to go upstairs to the baby's bedroom to get a diaper. I used to have a small storage ottoman that I kept full of diapers and wipes in my living room but after going through 6 kids it finally broke and I haven't had anything to keep diapers in out there. I have missed having them so accessible so I decided to make something I could keep a few diapers and a pack of wipes in. I decided to crochet a little storage basket that I could keep on the bottom shelf of my end table, the perfect size for holding diapers and wipes.

Quilted Hexagon Potholder

When you buy a Cricut Maker there are 50 free projects available in design space. They include everything from sewing and fabric projects to paper, vinyl and leather projects. Today I am joining 49 other bloggers to show you what these 50 projects look like and how they worked for us. I was really excited about the ability to cut fabric on the Maker so I chose to make one of the sewing projects, the Quilted Hexagon Potholder.