5 Little Monsters: 2023

Squishy Chick

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Today I have another project that I made with Easter in mind, although it doesn't actually have to be for Easter. I have a daughter who loves Squishmallows and other soft, squishy stuffed animal type toys like them. This little squishy chick was inspired by those type of stuffed animals, a really basic shape, but soft and squishy and cuddly.

Bunny Tails Sign

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With Easter just around the corner I have been wanting to make some Easter decorations, but since it is coming up quick I wanted something I could make up really fast. This little Bunny Tails Sign fit the bill perfectly. 

Mini Amigurumi Crochet Along- Spring 2023 Edition


I am excited to announce a new Mini Amigurumi Crochet Along- Spring 2023 Edition. Starting Monday April 3, 12 new patterns will be released over the course of 2 weeks. One new pattern each day Monday-Saturday, with the last pattern released on April 15. 

Mini Blocks Dishcloth

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If you have been following me for any period of time you probably know that one of my favorite ways to try out different crochet stitches, as long as they aren't too lacy or open, is to make a set of dishcloths. They are a great project all year round, anytime you want something you can make quick, but especially great this time of year for spring cleaning projects. They work up fast, and are useful too! 

Heat Activated Flower Mugs

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I already shared projects I made with the new Cricut Cold Activated Color Changing Vinyl, and the UV Activated Color Changing Iron On, so today I am using the final color changing vinyl- Heat Activated Vinyl. 

Crocheted Easter Basket in 2 Sizes

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I feel like January always starts the year off so slow, it feels like it will never end, but then somehow in the blink of an eye here we are in the middle of March and Easter is right around the corner. I have a few Easter projects that I have been working on and I am hoping to get them up with enough time to for you to make them in time for Easter. 

Glass Cups with Color Changing Vinyl

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Like I mentioned in my last post, I recently received some newly released products from Cricut to try and over the next couple of day I plan on sharing the products, and the projects that I made with them. The thing I was most excited about was the color changing vinyl and iron on. 

Gamer Shirts with Color-Changing and Reflective Iron On

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Yesterday Cricut announced a few new products that they just released and I was lucky enough to get to try them out ahead of time, so I have a few projects planned over the next few days to share using the new products. Since today is Mario Day (MAR10) I thought it would be fun to share a video game themed craft using a couple of the new iron on products. 

Tumnus Scarf

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Time for the last project in my week of book inspired crafts. This one is kind of a funny one for me because it is actually not one of my favorite books, but like yesterday's book it is one that has meaning to my family. The book I chose is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. 

Easy Fleece Superhero Cape

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Today is Day 5 of Read Across America Week, and my week of book inspired crafts. There is only one more left after today. Each day I have shared a book that I loved but for the last 2 days I have chosen books that are favorites of others in my family. Today's book is a book that has special meaning to me because it is a favorite of my oldest daughter, the book is a graphic novel called El Deafo.

Printable Rainbow Bookmarks

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I am popping in in the middle of my book inspired craft week with a Team Creative Crafts collaboration. I chose to make something book related but not inspired by a specific book for my project this month, although later today I will be sharing the next book inspired craft project for the week. This month the theme for the projects was rainbows. 

BFF Bead Bracelets

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Today is day 3 of my Read Across America Week book inspired craft projects. Each Day this week I am sharing a project based on a favorite book. I started with a picture book, then moved to kind of an elementary age chapter book, and now today's book is one that I loved as a teenager- Anne of Green Gables. 

Dove in the Window Patchwork Pillow

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This is Day 2 of my week of book inspired crafts. Yesterday I started with a picture book I like when I was really little, so for today I am moving up to a few year later to a book, or rather a series, that was one of my favorites when I was elementary school age. The book/series I have chosen for today is the Little House on the Prairie series.

Amigurumi Elephant

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About a week ago I shared on Instagram that I had a project that I was working on for later in the month, and this week is the week! This Thursday, March 2nd is Dr. Seuss's birthday, also known as Read Across America Day. This week a lot of schools have read-a-thons and other reading activities. I know my kids schools often have a spirit week with different dress up days themed around books and reading, sometimes parent and family reading activities, and usually a school wide read-a-thon. 

Crocheted Leprechaun Bear

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Over the last year and a half or so I started making some crocheted teddy bears dressed up for different holidays. I thought it would be really fun to make some for all of the holidays and seasons, but so far I have only gotten a few done. I decided maybe it was time to get around to making another, and with St. Patrick's Day coming up in a few weeks I thought a little leprechaun bear would be fun. 

Mossy Blocks Crochet Dishcloth

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It has been a long time since I have posted a new dishcloth pattern. They are one of my favorite things to make. They are small and simple, work up fast, they are useful, and they are a great way to try out new stitch patterns. 

Glitter Heart Shaker Cards

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I have to admit glitter is not my favorite craft supply to work with, but sometimes it is worth the potential mess. I have been wanting to make some glitter shaker cards and Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a try. I have had this project ready to share for a couple of weeks and now that it is actually Valentine's Day I am finally getting around to sharing it. Better late than never I guess. 

Game Day Blanket

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The Chiefs are my husbands favorite football team, so when we found out they would be going to the Super Bowl he was pretty excited. A day or two later I was shopping at Walmart and I passed a display of blanket yarn on an end cap, and a couple of colors popped out at me and I immediately knew I wanted to make a blanket for my husband. 

High Five Printable Valentines

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I have one last printable Valentine card to share before Valentine's Day, which I can hardly believe is just around the corner. This time I am collaborating with Team Creative Crafts as part of their monthly challenge. The theme for this month's challenge is Printable Valentine Crafts, so it was the perfect opportunity to share this last card design. 

Building Brick Printable Valentines

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Last week I shared some printable Valentine cards that can be paired with stickers, and today I wanted to share another fun Valentine card idea. This time using little brick building sets.

Pocket Size Puffy Hearts

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A few years ago I made a crocheted puffy heart pattern and this year I wanted to kind of revisit that pattern and make a new version of a crocheted puffy heart. This time a little bit smaller.

Sticker Printable Valentines

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Every year for the last few years I have tried to come up with a few non-food Valentines ideas. A set of printable cards that can be given to classmates with a little inexpensive gift that isn't candy. 

Shirts for Readers with Cricut Iron On

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I have always loved reading, especially when I was a kid. I frequently stayed up way too late at night because I just had to finish the book I was reading. I have a couple of kids that are pretty big readers, especially my oldest and youngest daughters, and it makes me so happy. My oldest daughter stopped by her school library on a daily basis last year to check out books. At the end of the school year she asked the librarian how many books she had checked out that school year and it was over 200! And she hasn't slowed down this school year either. She usually has more than one book that she is reading at a time, which I don't understand at all because I can only handle one book at a time. The table by her bed always has a stack of books on it. 

Snowbound Hat

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Here in Utah we welcomed the new year with a big snowstorm. We got about a foot of snow dumped on us on New Year's Day. It started in the middle of the night and snowed all day and into the next. I was grateful we didn't have many places that we needed to go until the snow stopped and the roads finally got cleared.

Aurora Crocheted Jar Cover

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 It is not only a new month but a new year too! I kind of took an unplanned month off in December from blogging. My family, like pretty much everyone else it seems, got hit pretty hard by sickness last month, then we had a busy schedule of Christmas parties, winter programs, and end of the year concerts, followed by having kids home for the break. I feel like I had a hard time finding not only time, but also motivation and ideas to make stuff. But now I am ready to be back to crafting after taking a break, and I am excited to share some new projects with you.