5 Little Monsters: September 2020

Favorite Crocheted Hats for Fall and Winter

 Fall is finally here and I am so ready for the cooler weather. One of my favorite things to make and wear in the fall and winter is crocheted hats, and I have some favorite patterns that I love to use.

Textured Crochet Pumpkins

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 One of my favorite things about crochet is all of the different textures you can create with the stitches. I have made a few different types of crocheted or other yarn pumpkins over the time I have had my blog, in fact one of my first patterns was a crocheted pumpkin. For a while now I have been wanting to combine those two things, crocheted pumpkins, and textured stitches to create some more pumpkins and I finally did it. 

Picot Edged Scarf

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 Today I am really excited to be joining 15 other crochet bloggers in the Perfect Picot Blog Hop hosted and organized by Michelle from Stitch and Hustle. All of us made projects using the picot stitch in some way, and all 16 patterns are free on our blogs. 

Fall Moss Cowl

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Now that September is here and my kids have gone back to school I am ready for fall to be here. Although, I guess if I am being honest I am always ready for fall to be here. It is my favorite season and always has been. I think part of that is because my birthday is in the fall, also it starts the holiday season. But I also just love the cooler weather, the crispness in the air, the changing leaves, the smells of pumpkin spice and apple. I just love all of it. 

Loom Knit Pumpkins

 I have made a few different kinds of crocheted and yarn pumpkins over the years but this one doesn't require any knit or crochet skills and you still end up with a cute little knit-look pumpkin. These pumpkins are made on a hat loom. 

Reading Tracker Bookmarks

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I loved to read as a kid, I would spend hours every day with my nose in a book. I remember getting in trouble for staying up too late reading. I have always felt like that love of reading is something that I want to share with my kids, but sometimes it seems like they would rather be sitting in front of a screen. 

Crocheted Panda

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Today I am excited to celebrate one of my favorite companies. Fairfield World is celebrating its 80th birthday and to celebrate for 80 days different bloggers are sharing projects made with Poly-Fil, and today is my turn. 

Happy Halloween Sign

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Once September hits it always feels to me like the rest of the year flies by. Now that kids are back in school before we know it it will be October and Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I'm not sure what Halloween is going to look like this year, but whether or not there is trick-or-treating and  Halloween parades at school, one thing we can do no matter what is make cute decorations to put up in our houses. 

Stenciled Journals Kid Craft

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My kids love to paint, they are constantly asking me if they can paint something. Sometimes it drives me crazy because  it usually means getting into my stuff, my paints and blanks that I have for specific projects, and making a big mess. But I also love seeing their creativity and the things that they make when I just let them create. 

Rainbow Unicorn Infusible Ink Shirts

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As we were getting ready to send kids back to school a couple of weeks ago I decided kind of last minute to make a couple of new shirts for some of my kids. I had some fun rainbow colored Infusible Ink transfer sheets that I thought would be perfect for my rainbow, unicorn loving 8 year old. 

String of Beads Hat in Baby, Toddler, and Child Sizes

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A couple of weeks ago I shared a new crocheted hat pattern, the String of Beads Hat. I only made the pattern in adult size, but since then I decided I should make it in smaller sizes as well.