5 Little Monsters: June 2016

Easy Oly-Fun Tooth Fairy Pillow

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My son is at the age where he is just starting to lose his teeth, he lost his first a couple of months ago and then just the other day he lost his second. When he lost his first tooth the tooth came out and then he lost it, literally, he couldn't find it to put it under his pillow. I showed him some pictures of tooth fairy pillows and told him that I could make him something like that to help him not lose the next one. Besides, the tooth fairy that comes to our house has always thought that taking a tooth out of a pocket and replacing it with money seems like it would be way easier than trying to dig around under their pillow to find a tiny little tooth while not waking them up. He liked the idea but I didn't really get around to it right away and kind of forgot about it until the other day when he announced that he had just pulled out tooth number two. It was actually right around bedtime that he reminded me that I said that I would make him a tooth fairy pillow and that he needed it right now. I brought him in my sewing room and together we came up with a really easy design that I could make quickly and he picked out colors and everything. Not too long after that he had a little tooth fairy pillow to stick his newly lost tooth in and he was ready to go to bed.

Geeky Baby Onesie Ideas- Plus 2 Free Cut Files

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We only have one month left until this baby boy gets here so we have started getting everything ready, washing all of the little baby clothes, getting a new car seat, setting up the cradle, etc. I actually got rid of a lot of our little baby boy clothes a few years ago because I thought that Maren might be our last baby and a lot of the stuff that we have left is not exactly seasonally appropriate. Our other boys were born in January and March, this little guy is coming the end of July. As a result we figured he might be spending the first month or two mostly in onesies. Since I got my Cricut a few months ago I have had fun designing some shirts and onesies, in fact the very first project I made was actually a baby onesie, so we figured it would be fun to design some onesies for the baby.

Moss Stitch Crochet Pillow

I am sharing a new crochet pattern over on the Fairfield World site today. I wanted to make a crochet pillow cover that would be really easy, more of a beginner friendly pattern. I also thought it would be kind of fun to use some bulky yarn. Bulky yarn is fun to work with sometimes because projects that are made with it tend to be pretty quick projects. A lot of times I think people think of bulky yarns as being used more for winter/cold weather projects like scarves and hats so I wanted to find a way to make a more summertime friendly project. I thought this pillow would be the perfect way to do that.

Glitter Arrows Baby Shirt

Almost two months ago I had the opportunity to attend Snap Conference, a conference for craft and DIY Bloggers held here in Salt Lake. I can't believe that it has already been that long ago. Anyway, while I was there one of the sponsors was Expressions Vinyl and they were giving out sample packs of vinyl for us to use. I was really excited to get it because just a couple of weeks before I had gotten a Cricut Explore Air so now I could make lots of cool vinyl projects. I opened up the pack and looked at the different colors and types of vinyl and had lots of ideas of how I could use it. I actually made something, a sign, shortly after Snap was finished using some of the vinyl that I was given and eventually I will get that project posted but I didn't love the pictures that I took of it so I need to retake them first. In the meantime I came up with a design for a baby shirt, although really you could put it on anything. Onesies are one of my favorite things to make because it is such a quick and easy project. In just a few minutes you can have a cute little onesie all ready to go. They are perfect to throw in with a baby gift. I have already made a few for my baby that is due in a couple of months and have more designs ready to go. This one however, is not for my little guy but will be used as a baby gift for a little girl. The glitter heat transfer vinyl is so fun for a girly touch, it adds some extra sparkle to the shirt and since I have mostly been working on baby boy projects it was king of fun to do something girly.

Crocheted Phone or Tablet Stand

Yesterday I shared a new pattern over on the Fairfield World Site and I thought I should share it here too. This time of year is all about Dad's and Grad's, men and teenagers/young adults, probably the two hardest groups to make handmade gifts for. I have no problem at all coming up with gift ideas that I can make or new babies, little kids are pretty easy too. Feminine gifts are also easier come up with but something handmade and at all masculine is a little bit more difficult. I wanted to try to come up with a gift idea that could work for either of those groups, either as a Father's Day gift or as a gift for a recent grad. One thing that it seems like those two groups have in common is their love for  technology. I have seen some pillow type stands that can be used for propping up phones, tablets, or e-readers and thought maybe that would be a fun project. Not too long ago I featured a knitted version in a link party, a little different style but similar idea, and I have seen other knitted versions as well as sewn versions. This is my crocheted version.