5 Little Monsters: September 2014

18 inch Doll Accessories: Owl Hat and Striped Scarf

Recently my oldest daughter has become somewhat obsessed with American Girl dolls. She gets the catalog in the mail and loves looking at all of the dolls and their clothes and accessories. She even found and watched videos on You Tube about American Girls dolls. Every time we go to the library she checks out American Girl books, faster than we can read them so most get returned unread. The truth is she will probably never get and American Girl doll because I am way too cheap to ever spend that much money on a doll, but the good news for her is that there are plenty of cheaper options and she doesn't really know the difference. She had her 6th birthday earlier this month and one day, maybe a week before her birthday, we happened to be at Walmart and saw that they had some of their 18 inch dolls on clearance. I knew she would love to get an "American Girl" doll, or anything that looked like one, for her birthday so we grabbed it. I had all sorts of different ideas of things I could make to go along with it but unfortunately the week leading up to her birthday we were super busy so most of them didn't happen. I still have tons of ideas of things I want to make for her so I am sure there will be more doll posts in the future, probably around Christmas time. 

Crocheted Pumpkins In Two Sizes: Free Pattern

Fall is my favorite season. I love everything about it, the cooler weather, the changing colors, the smell of pumpkin spice candles, desserts made with pumpkin. There is something about pumpkins that just screams fall, when you see a pumpkin you automatically think fall, whether it makes you think of harvest time or jack-o-lanterns at Halloween or pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. 

Wedding Gift: Couple Embroidery

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my sister-in-law just got married. A few weeks ago I was invited to a bridal shower and I really wanted to make something to give to her as a gift. I looked online and came across this link that had some handmade wedding gift ideas. Number 13 on that list is an embroidery of the couples names and a large ampersand. I saw that and thought that was something that I could make pretty easily. Mine does not look exactly like the one in the picture of course, I played around with different fonts until I found a combination that I liked. I ended up making it at kind of the last minute so I didn't think to take any pictures so that i could post it here. I just made it, stuck it in a bag and gave it away. The only pictures that I had were the two below that I had texted my husband from Walmart to get his opinion on how I should frame it.

Little Girls Dresses For a Wedding

A couple of weeks ago I posted a tutorial for some bow ties that I made for my two boys, I mentioned there that I was making them for a wedding and that I was making the dresses for my girls as well.

The wedding was last weekend so, as usual, I was finishing up the dresses last week. The colors were a bright blue and yellow. I decided that I wanted the two little girls dresses to match but to have my oldest daughter's dress be different. I wanted it to be a style that looker a little older, not so toddlerish. My sister-in-law, the bride, said she really wanted some yellow because she was worried no one would have yellow so I decided to do the two little girls in yellow. I was glad I did because they were the only two of the nine nieces and nephews to be in yellow.

Kid's Messenger Bags

I feel like it has been forever since I have posted something on here. We have had a really busy couple of weeks. One of the things we had going on was Salt Lake Comic Con last week. Probably about a month ago, the first time I did a geek-craft guest post on my husband's blog, he mentioned that he thought it would be cool if I made some bags for the kids to bring to Comic Con that we could then make a tutorial for and post on his blog as another geek-craft. I thought it sounded like a good idea. Right away I sat down and started sketching some ideas. I came up with several but the kids already had their costumes picked out so I chose designs that would match their costumes.