5 Little Monsters: February 2022

Beaded Stitch Markers with Hook Sizes

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I am someone who always has a million projects going at any given time. I have lots of ideas and often start working on the next idea before I finish one. This happens to me a lot with crochet projects. I usually have an on the go project that I take with me when I am sitting in the car in the school pickup line. A project I only work on at home because it has lots of pieces or colors, or it needs other stuff that I don't want to carry around. And then there are usually a few that I have have started simply because I saw a skein of yarn and had an idea pop in my head and started it right then. 

Happy Birthday Banner

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We recently celebrated my daughter's birthday and kind of last minute I decided it would be fun to put up some kind of decoration while she was at school to surprise her with when she got home. I only had a few minutes and I didn't have any balloons or streamers or anything like that, but I had lots of paper and a Cricut so I made a super quick, simple Happy Birthday banner to hang up for her. 

Chalkboard Valentine Sign- Dollar Store Craft

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Dollar store crafts are a great way to add to your holiday decor without spending a lot of money. Their craft section has actually grown a lot over the last couple of years and you can get quite a variety of craft supplies there, as well as other items that may not be "craft supplies" but can be used in projects. 

Simple Snuggles Baby Blanket

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This year got off to a rough start for my family, January was not a fun month and I am glad it is over. Between house issues, sickness, and constantly changing schedules and plans, I feel like I went through January in a constant state of stress. Crocheting, and crafting in general, has always been very therapeutic for me, so as I was feeling so stressed I decided that I need a super simple, kind of mindless, project to work on. 

Crocheted Heart Treat Bag

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February is here, which means Valentine's Day is coming up fast. As part of this month's Team Creative Crafts collaboration I crocheted some little heart shaped treat bags. Be sure to scroll down to see all of the other Valentine's crafts being shared today, as well as to enter the giveaway.

Cricut Bright 360

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My craft room is down in my basement and the lighting is terrible. Not only is there no natural light, the overhead lights make weird shadows, and some areas are just really dark. I have wanted to find a good lighting solution for my craft space for a long time, so when Cricut announced their new lamp, Cricut Bright 360, I was excited to try it out.