5 Little Monsters: May 2020

24 Quick Crochet Projects for Summer

I think that crochet often gets seen as a cold weather craft. In the fall and winter we make lots of hats, scarves, and blankets, and other cold weather accessories. But once the weather starts to warm there isn't the same need for hats and scarves, and the thought of working on a big, heavy blanket isn't very appealing. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of summery crochet projects though. I looked through my crochet patterns and picked out 24 quick and easy, small projects that would be perfect for making this summer. Some are summery in theme (like 4th of July) and others are just small projects that would be great for any time of year. 

Loop Yarn Video Tutorial

When I was writing up my tutorial on the Loop Yarn Doll Blankets a couple days ago I found that it was one of those tutorials that was easier to show than tell. So I decided to record a quick video tutorial showing how to get started, how to knit with the loop yarn, and how to bind off and finish your doll blanket.

Mermaid Water Cup

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I used to be a pretty good water drinker but lately I feel like I have not been drinking as much as I should, which is not a good thing because not drinking enough water tends to trigger migraines for me. I always feel like I am better about drinking water if I have a cup or bottle I can fill up and take around the house with me throughout the day.

Loopy Yarn Doll Blankets

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Loop yarn, or finger knit yarn, where the yarn has preformed loops has been around for a while now and pretty much every yarn brand has their own version (or sometimes several different versions). It is really easy to use, easy enough that it is a great option for kids who want to try their hand at making something with yarn.

Mini Ami Animals

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Recently I was organizing my yarn and my 8 year old daughter was helping me. She found a tiny little ball of pink/multicolor yarn and she asked me to make her a little stuffed bunny for her doll. There wasn't really enough yarn so I paired it with some other pink yarn and make a super quick, super ugly, little bunny.

Craft Room Labels with Cricut Joy Smart Labels

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I have kind of been a little MIA lately, mostly because doing online school with 5 kids in 3 schools with multiple teachers, platforms and expectations has kind of been kicking my butt. My kids are done with school this week and we have turned in most of their stuff already, all we have left is teacher parades and online awards ceremonies so as far as I'm concerned, we made it! And I couldn't be happier about that.

ASL I Love You Mickey Shirt- Take Two

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When I was designing our t-shirts for Disneyland I created a bunch of different designs, then I had to pick which ones I was actually going to use. I asked opinions from others to help me choose but there were a few designs I had a hard time choosing between.