5 Little Monsters: October 2023

Little Ghost Pillows

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Normally I am not super into Halloween, especially decorations. I don't love gory or scary stuff, so Halloween was never my favorite holiday. At least beyond dressing up kids to go trick or treating. But for some reason this year I have been more into Halloween decor. Maybe it is because the time I spent making all my little Halloween amigurumi but me in more of a Halloween mood. Whatever the reason, I have been enjoying making some Halloween projects lately. 

Reversible Half Square Triangle Table Runner

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Lately I have been working on some sewing projects and I have discovered a love of precuts. I never used to use them, I think it felt like I was getting so little fabric when it was cut into 5" squares, or 10" squares, or strips, or whatever. But it sure is convenient to have all of that cutting done for you, and you get a variety of coordinating fabrics since it is typically a whole line. It is such a great way to get the fabric you need for a project like this one made entirely of charm squares (plus the binding fabric). 

Bubbling Cauldron Repost

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The Bubbling Cauldron was the Day 3 pattern from the Halloween Mini Amigurumi Crochet Along. I have been having some website issues and this particular pattern was flagged and removed from my blog. I am in the process of trying to get it back up, and hopefully it will be soon, but in the meantime I know people have been trying to find the pattern and it is not there so I decided I would repost the pattern so that it is available somewhere while I try to get the issue figured out.