5 Little Monsters: March 2020

EGG-cellent Easter Tags

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Last month I ordered a bunch of Easter stuff from Oriental Trading Company for some post I was working on with them. I ordered some things I could use to make Easter crafts (like my bunny wreath and paint poured eggs), and I ordered some stuff to put together Easter Basket ideas for kids. They had tons of fun themed eggs and toys. I ended up choosing some donuts and "sweet treats" themed stuff including, ice cream cone eggs, donut plushies, sweet squishies, and sprinkle bracelets.

Paint Poured Easter Eggs

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Being stuck at home the last couple of weeks has been rough, especially with all of us in the same place all the time and trying to figure out all of the schedules, schoolwork, and zoom calls with all of the different teachers. I found myself feeling extra grouchy and short with my kids and I realized I had been so busy making sure everyone else had everything they needed, got on their calls, had quiet space to do their work, and all everything else that I was not taking anytime for myself.

Polka Dot Puffs Hat

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I have had this hat pattern ready to post for a long time but life has been so crazy lately I haven't gotten it up. I debated whether or not to post it now since it is spring here and the weather is starting to warm up, not really hat weather anymore. But then I figured a lot of us are stuck inside right now, what better than a new crochet project. Make a bunch now and you will be all set for winter, whether for yourself, family, gifts, sales, or whatever.

Easter Bunny Greenery Wreath

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Now that March has arrived the weather is starting to feel a lot more like spring and I am definitely feeling ready for it, including working on spring and Easter crafts.

Easy DIY Travel Pillow

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I know I have been sharing lots of Disney posts lately, but I have a couple more to share. Although this one is less "Disney" and more just a travel project. We just got back from our family trip to Disneyland and we drove so we were in the car for a long time. Since we were spending so much time in the car I wanted everyone to bring stuff to be comfortable, and hopefully sleep a little, but we also won't have space for a lot of big stuff.