5 Little Monsters: Crocheted Ice Cream Cones

Crocheted Ice Cream Cones

There is nothing better than some cold, yummy ice cream on a hot summer day. These crocheted ice cream cones may not be cold and yummy but they are a quick and fun little project to make on a hot summer day, or any day really. They don't take a lot of yarn so they are a great stash buster project and they hardly take any time to whip up. My girls are excited to play with them as play food and they are the perfect size for that but I thought they would also be really cute strung on a string as a garland, maybe to decorate for a birthday party or something. 

The pattern for these ice cream cones is my most recent free pattern over on Fairfield World so if you are looking for a quick and easy crochet project you should go check it out. All you need is a little bit of yarn in a couple of colors, some stuffing, and a crochet hook.

Crocheted Ice Cream Cone Pattern

I used scrap yarn to make my cones so they weren't all the same brand. I used Lion Brand Heartland in Acadia for the cones, I thought it was the perfect creamish tan color, not too brown and not too white or yellow. For the scoops, a couple of then were Caron Simply Soft, the green and the multicolored one, I think the pink was Deborah Norville Everyday and the brown was some that I have had forever that lost the label a long time ago. As long as the weight of the yarn you use for the cone and the scoop are similar in size/weight you should be able to mix and match whatever you have in your stash. The yarns I used were lighter medium weight yarns, other yarns will just give you a bigger or smaller ice cream cone.

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