5 Little Monsters: Thanksgiving Window Cling Decoration

Thanksgiving Window Cling Decoration

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For Halloween I decided to make cut out some window cling to put on our front door. My kids really liked it, especially my youngest daughter who helped me put it up. I finally took it down a couple days after Halloween but I really wanted to put up something new for Thanksgiving. One of my boys requested a turkey so that is what we did. I added some words and a pumpkin too. It is really hard to get decent pictures of the glass door because of the reflections, I think it looks better in person than I can capture but hopefully it gets the idea across.
Last time I cut it out without mirroring and stuck it on the outside of our door. This time I decided to try mirroring and sticking it on the inside of the door. I was worried that it wouldn't stay up on the outside as it gets colder and especially if we were to get some snow. I wasn't sure how it would look but I feel like it worked just as well as putting it on the outside. I think it would make it easier to put on windows that way since most of the windows in my house are a lot easier to reach from the inside than they are from the outside. 

Thanksgiving Window Cling

You will need:

Open the Design Space file. If you want to adjust the size do that first. Mirror the design, then cut. Weed the design, then peel off the backing and place on the inside of door or window you want it on. If you prefer to put the window cling on the outside of the glass then do not mirror your design before cutting. 

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