5 Little Monsters: Button Christmas Tree Banner

Button Christmas Tree Banner

-Product for this post provided by Oriental Trading Company-

My oldest daughter loves to help me make things and she was really excited to make this Button Christmas Tree Banner with me. It was easy enough that she could have done most of it by herself, maybe with a little help, or at least supervision, with the glue gun and iron. She loved picking out the buttons and laying them out to make the tree.

We ordered some canvas craft banners and a couple packages of buttons, one in Christmas colors and one of wooden buttons, from Oriental Trading Company. The banners come in a package of 12 and since this is such an easy project it is something you could easily do as a group activity.

How To Make a Christmas Tree Button Banner

You will need:

The first thing that we did was lay out the buttons in a Christmas tree shape. We used a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. We added a few red buttons mixed in with the green to look like ornaments on the tree. Then we added one large wooden button at the bottom for the trunk.

Once you have the design the way you want it use the glue gun to glue them all in place. 

Cut the words Merry Christmas from red iron on (htv). 

Press the words in place. 

You can find all kinds of Christmas craft supplies at Oriental Trading Company, great for kids crafts, group crafts, and more. 

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