5 Little Monsters: Kindness Shirt 1: Be Kind Type Shirt

Kindness Shirt 1: Be Kind Type Shirt

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I few months ago I came up with a series of t-shirt designs based around the theme of kindness. I was feeling like I was seeing so much negativity and hatefulness, especially on social media, that it was on my mind a lot. I hated seeing how acceptable it was to say whatever mean things you want just because you happen to disagree with someone, whether it be political, religious, or even just your taste in movies. I want to try to teach my kids to be kind and respectful to others, regardless of whether or not they agree on all things.

Because this was something that was on my mind a lot I are up with 8 different t-shirt designs (although they can definitely be used on things other than t-shirts) all about being kind. I decided that starting this week I would share one new design each Friday for the next 8 weeks, until I have shared them all.

The first design, the one I am sharing today, is very simple but it was the first one that I designed, the one that started the whole series. I wanted it to be a simple and to the point statement. Be kind.

I showed my husband my design and he asked me to make a shirt for him using this first design. It is a great, simple unisex design that could work for anyone and for more than just shirts. I put it on a baseball style shirt with white iron on.

How to Make a Be Kind Type Shirt

You will need:


Cut the design from your iron on. Don't forget to mirror the design before cutting.

Weed the design and press onto the shirt, following recommended setting. 

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