5 Little Monsters: Easy Crochet Mask Lanyard

Easy Crochet Mask Lanyard

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Do you have kids heading back to school this fall, or is everything virtual where you are? We had a choice of in person or virtual school for the first quarter and it was such a hard decision. We went back and forth so many times, feeling like there really was no right answer, but in the end we decided to send them back in person. My kids start next week, but I know some of the schools around us are starting this week. 

In addition to all of the normal stuff to get ready we are trying to make sure they have all of the stuff they need specific to this year, like plenty of masks and hand sanitizer. 

Some of my kids I think will do fine with their masks, but a couple of them I am a little nervous about. I don't really want them to be taking them off and setting them down on dirty surfaces, knocking them on the floor, and just getting them gross. I have seen the memes of feet under a bathroom stall with a mask on the floor and I have a couple of kids I could totally picture in that type of situation, and then not thinking anything of picking it back up and putting it on their face. The thought of where those masks could end up kind of grosses me out, so I thought I would make up some quick mask lanyards to help prevent those situations from happening. 

I have seen some made with little clips, like keychain or lanyard type clips, and they look like they would work perfectly, but I wanted to make some really cheap, quick, and that used stuff that I already have on hand. Since I don't have any of the little clips in my craft stash I wanted to come up with an alternative using what I did have.

One thing I definitely have plenty of is yarn, and I knew I could crochet a quick lanyard. Basically it is just a row of single crochet with a button and a loop at each end. 

Just fold the end through the elastic loop of the mask and put the button through the loop. Then the kids can wear their masks and when it is time to take it off for a minute, whether that is lunch or whatever, they can just take the loops off of their ears and it will hang around their neck until it is time to put it back on. 

How to Crochet a Mask Lanyard 

Finished Size is approximately " long, but can be easily adjusted to be longer or shorter depending on who you need it to fit

You will need:

  • worsted weight yarn
  • I crochet hook (5.5mm)
  • 2 buttons (about 1/2"-5/8")
  • yarn needle
  • sewing needle and thread
  • scissors


I made these to fit my 7 and 8 year olds but they can easily be made to fit any size by simply making a longer or shorter chain at the beginning. This is one of those patterns that is less an actual pattern and more a guide to make your own. To adjust the size make a chain that is the length that you it to hang around your neck plus about 3 inches to make up for the ends that will fold up. 

ch 80 (or number needed to reach desired length)

ch 5 more to make loop, sc in 6th ch from hook and each ch to the end, ch 5, slip st to last sc to make loop,  finish off, cut yarn, weave in ends

measure approximately 3 inches above the loop on each side and sew a button in place, then thread the loop end through the mask earlobe and fold the end up and loop around the button, repeat on the other side and you are all set

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