5 Little Monsters: Building Brick Printable Valentines

Building Brick Printable Valentines

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Last week I shared some printable Valentine cards that can be paired with stickers, and today I wanted to share another fun Valentine card idea. This time using little brick building sets.

Like I mentioned with the stickers, I like to find small items that we can include with a Valentine card that is not food/candy, and is inexpensive (preferably under $1 per item). These little building sets fit the bill perfectly. 


I got a pack of inexpensive knockoff LEGO type sets on Amazon. The ones I bought were under $1 per set, some other options that I found were slightly over a dollar per set. I chose a set that included 24 little vehicle building sets for under $20, there were also some cute little animal sets that I found that were similar in price. I just looked for party favor building sets and quite a few options came up. You could also use LEGO minifigures to pair with the Valentines. 

The pack I bought came with all of the pieces for each vehicle in a separate little baggie, but the instruction cards were separate, so I just but the bag with the pieces and the instruction sheet inside of a cellophane bag and stapled the card to the top. That worked out great for me and kept everything together. 

How to Make Building Brick Valentines

You will need:

Print as many copies of the PDF as you need, each page will have 6 cards- 3 each of 2 different cards. 

Cut the cards out, I used the paper cutter and cut just outside the colored lines leaving a small border of white. 

The building sets I used had the instructions separate from the bricks so I stuck both the bag of bricks and the instruction sheet in a cellophane bag, folded the top down, and stapled the card to the bag. 

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