5 Little Monsters: Embroidered Felt Corner Bookmark

Embroidered Felt Corner Bookmark

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I am popping in in the middle of my crochet along to share a project as a collaboration with Team Creative Crafts, but if you are looking for the next crochet along pattern it will be shared later today. Each month I join a group of craft bloggers to all make crafts based on a specific theme. This month the theme is felt. 

Felt is a great material to work with because you can make so many things with it, and they are often pretty quick and easy crafts. I have been pretty busy with some other projects so I liked the idea of a quick and easy craft. 

I made some simple felt corner bookmarks. They are really easy to make and with just a little bit of simple embroidery you can make it completely your own. 

All you need is a little 3" square of felt, some embroidery floss, and a needle. I used Cricut brand felt for my bookmarks, it is a little thinner and stiffer than some of the craft felt sheets I have purchased other places. That ended up being perfect for this project. The thin and stiff quality of the felt made it easy to embroider without stretching or pulling the felt, plus it wasn't too bulky to use in a book. 

The little triangle shaped bookmark slips over the corner of the pages to mark your place. 

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How to Make an Embroidered Felt Bookmark

You will need:


Begin by cutting a 3" square of felt.

Cut the square in half diagonally so that you have 2 triangles.

Embroider a simple design on one of the triangles. I just made little flowers and leaves using a combination of backstitch, lazy daisy stitch, French knots, and satin stitch. You can lightly sketch a design on the felt with a pencil or washable fabric marker, or just freehand a little design. 

Once your design is embroidered take the two triangles and place them together, with the embroidery facing up. Then use a narrow blanket stitch to sew around the two shorter edges of the triangles, stitching them together, leaving the long edge open. 

Slip the open corner over the pages of your book to mark your place. 

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