5 Little Monsters: Comic Con Outfits for Little Girls

Comic Con Outfits for Little Girls

Simple Superhero skirts and bags for little girls, perfect for comic con or any day. link to tutorial so you can make your own.

Salt Lake Comic Con is this weekend and we usually try to take the kids one of the days, usually Thursday because the crowds are typically a little smaller. Last year we bought the kids Halloween costumes easy so that they could wear them to Comic Con in September and then again for Halloween a month later. This year I decided that I wanted to do something a little different for the little girls. Rather than a costume that they would only wear a few times I decided to make them some little skirts that they could wear anytime. In fact, my youngest daughter has worn hers pretty much every day since I made them last week. She loves her Batgirl skirt that mommy made her. She is even wearing it right now as I write this. I shared the tutorial earlier this week on The Geeky Mormon.

I actually got the idea because my 3 year old daughter loves Thor, we are talking obsessed, and one day I happened to at Walmart and I saw some superhero fabric on one of the endcaps. It's not like it was something I had never seen before or anything but Lucy was with me and she got pretty excited about the Avengers fabric that she saw. I thought, I really need to get some fabric like that and make her something. Then I thought, some simple little skirts paired with superhero shirts would be pretty cute for Comic Con. So I made them.

I ended up buying 1 yard of Marvel fabric and 1 yard of Supergirl/Batgirl/Wonder Woman fabric. The skirts were for a 2 and 3 year old so I only used about a half yard for each one. I made some little bags with some of what was leftover that they can use later for trick or treating, or for loading up with toys and carrying them around everywhere they go which is how they have been using them so far. The bags are really simple flat bags but I used french seams to make them look a little more neat, no raw edges showing.

You can find the tutorial for both the skirts and the bags HERE

I found my fabric at Walmart but here are links to the same fabrics on Amazon (affiliate links)

Marvel Fabric
DC Girl Heroes Fabric

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