5 Little Monsters: Boxy Owl Amigurumi

Boxy Owl Amigurumi

Link to free crochet pattern for Boxy Owl Amigurumi

A month or two ago I shared a pattern over on the Fairfield World for the Boxy Fox. When I was first trying to decide what to make and come up with a design I drew several different animals that I thought I could make using the same boxy shape. This month I plan on making a couple more boxy animals to go along with the fox, the first one being the Boxy Owl. You can get the pattern now on the Fairfield World website.

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The boxy shape is made by first crocheting a rectangular base and then crocheting around that make the body. Weighted Stuffing Beads sewn into a little pouch and placed in the bottom of the owl help it to stand up. Then it is stuffed with Poly-Fil and stitched closed along the top. Wings and feet are added as you crochet, eyes and beak are sewn on after the body is completed.

Get the pattern HERE.

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