5 Little Monsters: Seeing Spots Cuddle Baby Quilt

Seeing Spots Cuddle Baby Quilt

A few weeks ago I got a package in the mail filled with gorgeous fabrics from Shannon Fabrics to use in a couple of projects. I just finished one of the projects and posted it over on the Fairfield World site. I made a baby quilt with the cuddle fabric that I got and I absolutely love the way it turned out. The arrow fabric will be used in a different project soon.

The Cuddle Cake, the stack of 10" squares, had several different coordinating cuddle fabrics in it from the Seeing Spots line. I cut those up into rectangles and smaller squares, mixed them up and sewed them back together into blocks. I cut bigger squares of the dark blue star cuddle fabric and then put the quilt top together alternating the pieced blocks and solid squares. I quilted it on my sewing machine. I was really nervous about that part because the fabric can be a little stretchy and slippery but after talking to a friend who I knew had quilted cuddle quilts several times in the past I decided to go for it. She recommended that I use basting spray to hold everything together and it worked wonderfully. I didn't have any issues at all with the parts shifting or sliding around while I quilted. I kind of went the cheater route with the binding and just wrapped the backing around the front but it was easy and I think it looked great in the end.

We have our ultrasound scheduled for one week from today and we are planning on finding out the gender. I really don't care one way or the other  but making this quilt kind of made me start hoping for a boy so that we can have a reason to keep it for us. My youngest daughter on the other hand kept telling me while I was working on it that next I need to make a pink blanket for our baby girl because she is sure it is going to be a baby girl. We have a boy who is positive we are having a boy and a girl who is positive we are having a girl so one of them is going to be really happy next week and the other will be very disappointed. In the end though I think both of them will love the new baby boy or girl. As for me, I am just excited to find out so that I can start making stuff and planning things.

Get the free Seeing Spots Cuddle Baby Quilt pattern here

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