5 Little Monsters: Layered Paper Dinosaur Ornament

Layered Paper Dinosaur Ornament

I have one last ornament to share from my family ornament exchange. My son Jak had one of his cousins, a boy who loves dinosaurs. Jak decided that he really wanted to make the ornament for his cousin and that it had to be a dinosaur ornament. We talked about a few different ideas and I showed him some things we could do. He really wanted to use my Cricut because I think he thinks it is pretty much magic, he thinks I can make anything with it.

I remembered having seen some dinosaur pictures in the make it now section of Design space that were made by cutting out and layering paper to create a dimensional effect. I showed it to Jak and explained that we could make it a little smaller so that it was ornament size and add a string for hanging. Jak thought it was perfect and couldn't wait to make it. It may not be your traditional ornament but we thought it would be perfect for a dinosaur loving cousin. They had a few different dinosaurs to choose from but we ended up deciding to go with the Tyrannosaurus Rex. I wasn't sure what his favorite dinosaur was but I figured most boys like T-Rex. When I asked him after he opened it what his favorite dinosaur was he told me he had "so many favorites" so I think it was an ok choice.

To make it all I did was insert the image on Design Space and resize it so that it was only about 4" square and then cut it out. I used cardstock to cut all of the layers except the actual dinosaur, for that I used a piece of brown faux leather. Cardstock would have worked fine, I just didn't have the right color and I thought the faux leather would give it kind of a cool texture. The other thing that I did differently from the original wall art is that they used foam squares to stick the layers together to give it more dimension, I just glued them one on top of the other with a gluestick. Then I poked holes in the top, one on each side, I actually used the pointy part of my weeding tool to poke the holes. Then I put a string through each hole and knotted it. It was really simple to use a premade design and by just altering the size I was able to make it work for my needs and be able to make a unique ornament for a Christmas gift.

You can find my resized design space file for the T-Rex ornament here or click on the links below to find the original wall art versions of the other dinosaurs.

Triceratops Wall Art
Brachiosaurus Wall Art

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