5 Little Monsters: I Love Books Bag with Bookroo

I Love Books Bag with Bookroo

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Some of my best childhood memories involve books. I loved reading books myself and there are so many books that grew up loving, picture books and chapter books both. My mom used to read books to us too. I remember so many times that we would beg her to keep reading, just one more chapter, then one more, and one more. Some of my favorites were those books that she read aloud. I think part of it is the stories but I think part of it was just that we all loved when she read to us. I have always felt that one of the biggest reasons that I grew up loving books and reading was because my mom read to me and shared her love of books  with me and mt siblings. When my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first baby over 10 years ago one of the first things we did was start a little collection of some of our favorite books. It was so important to me to share my love of reading with my kids.

As much as I love sharing the books I grew up with with my kids, I also love discovering new books with them. When I was asked if I wanted to try out a book subscription for them from Bookroo I didn't even have to think about it. Of course I would, new books, sign me up. The only thing I had to figure out was which type of book I was going to choose. They have two different subscription options, board books (reccomended for ages 0-2), and picture books (reccomended for ages 2-6). Since I have 3 kids in the 2-6 range but only 1 in the 0-2 I was leaning towards the picture books at first but then I decided to go with board books instead. I thought it would be fun to get some new little books for Ben.

When we got the box in the mail I was excited to open it up. My 3 year old was with me, the baby was napping and the older kids in school, so I let her open it up. It was packaged up really cute. Each book was individually wrapped so she got to open 3 presents. She thought that was really awesome, I mean, what kid doesn't love opening presents. She was excited about each book that she opened and wanted me to read each one to her. The board books may have been intended for younger kids but she loved them. As soon as the baby woke up she wanted to show him the books and "read" them to him. When my 4 year old came home not long after that the first thing she saw was the stack of books still sitting out in the living room. She was so excited to see new books and wanted to look at them too. It was fun to see how excited each of the kids got when they saw that we had new books in the house. After seeing how excited they got about the board books I think I want to give the picture books a try next.

I really liked seeing the books that they sent. I love discovering fun, new books but looking for something good in a bookstore can be pretty overwhelming. Plus the surprise was really fun. All of the books they sent were really cute. One of them was by the same person that does the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books, the illustrations were instantly recognizable. I think my kids favorite was the pirate book, Ahoy Li'l Buccaneers and I thought it was pretty cute too. Bookroo tries to find books that may not be super well known, hidden gems if you will,  so there is a good chance that you will be finding new favorites in the box. The board book subscription has 3 books each month and the picture book subscription has 2. You can sign up for 1 month, 3 months, 6, or 12 months. If you want to try out a 1 or 3 month subscription you can get 20% off right now, just click this link for the code!

Since my daughter loved the books so much and was carrying them around the house to read I decided to make her a little bag to carry them around in. It was super simple to make, I used a premade tote bag that I had left over from trick or treat bags and activity bags that I made but if you wanted to make the bag you could use the tutorial from the bags I made my girls for Comic Con. All I did was add a little iron on vinyl decal to the bottom of the bag that said I ❤ Books. It was really easy to make, I used my Cricut (this is my Design Space File if you want to use it), just a plain, bold font in all caps with a basic heart shape between the words. I think I made mine about 1 1/2" tall and made sure that the length would fit across the bottom of the bag. It was just the right size to carry a few new books around the house or to church or grandma and grandpa's house. It also works great as a little toddler/preschooler sized library bag.

Be sure to check out Bookroo and get 20% off and make your kids a  quick, cute bag to carry their books around in.


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  1. These bags are really lovely. Thanks Erica for sharing the process to make these bags. It's really helpful. Your younger kid is too small to read books, the picture books are the one for him. It was really happy to know that you have kept your own books for your babies. Definitely, you both are very caring parents. Books are the most important when the kids start going school and they need to get in touch with them throughout their life so it is important to start the practice at an early stage. Providing books to kids at an early age is really a very good habit. Pre-school Buford, GA.