5 Little Monsters: Embroidered Felt Heart Hair Clips

Embroidered Felt Heart Hair Clips

I have participated in Craft Lightning Series in the past and each time they have had a theme and everyone participating is given the challenge to make a quick craft (15 minutes or less) that fits with that theme. This year instead of themes that go along with a holiday or season we have themes based on a material or supply. This time around the challenge was felt.

I wanted to make something super simple and I thought some little felt hair clips would be quick and easy. I decided on hearts since Valentine's Day is only a couple weeks away, although they would work for any time of the year. I thought it would be cute to add a little bit of embroidery.

I didn't use a pattern or template to cut the hearts out, I just did the fold in half and cut thing to cut out my hearts and then trimmed them a little so they looked the way I wanted. I cut hearts in a couple sizes so that I could layer them. I would usually start by cutting a heart identical to the first and them trimming one down so it was smaller. That way I kept the same shape. For the one with the scalloped edge I cut the pink heart first then cut a white heart a little bigger and with the pink heart on top of the white heart I just freehanded the scallop. If you don't want to freehand just print off or draw and cut out various sizes of hearts. Or if you have a cricut maker you can use that as well. 

I added a little bit of embroidery to each one using really basic stitches. Running stitch or backstitch around the edges to hold the layers together, lazy daisy flowers and leaves and some french knots for the centers. The pink heart with the white center I cut out 2 pink hearts and stitched them together, then stitched the center on with a flower. I just whipstitched the hearts together because I was being kind of lazy but I feel like it would have looked better to either use a blanket stitch or a running stitch like on the other pink heart.

These little clips were super simple to make and another great thing is they cost me nothing. I had felt and embroidery floss in lots of colors in my craft supplies, the only thing I don't usually have is hair clips so I may have needed to buy some but luckily I had a few left over from another project. They would also be cute glued onto a headband, or even with a string attached to make a little valentine necklace.

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