5 Little Monsters: Crocheted Llama

Crocheted Llama

-Product and compensation for this project provided by Fairfield World-

Llamas are everywhere lately so I decided I wanted to try crocheting one. I had a hard time decided if I wanted to make it standing on all fours, or more like a doll/teddy bear style, or if I wanted to make it more flat, like a pillow. I decided on all fours but I think I might try one of the other styles, or maybe both, in the future. I think it would also look kind of neat to make a striped blanket to throw over it's back. I didn't get around to making that with this one but if I make another style of llama in the future I think I will add something like that for sure.

 I made it using 2 types of yarn, one medium weight (Vannna's Choice) and one bulky (Lion Brand Homespun), to give the wooly part a different texture.

You can find the free pattern on the Fairfield World site

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