5 Little Monsters: Countdown to Christmas Chalkboard

Countdown to Christmas Chalkboard

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I have shared a few Christmas crafts over the past couple of weeks but now that Halloween is past I am ready to really start with the Christmas crafting. Don't worry, there with be some Thanksgiving projects mixed in as well as some non-holiday posts, but get ready for lots of Christmas ideas over the next several weeks.

One Christmas thing that I love to make and use each year is advent calendars or Christmas countdowns. I have made several throughout my life, crocheted, sewn, painted, or whatever else you can think of. I think they are just so much fun. I think it is because I love Christmas and having something fun to countdown the days builds up that excitement even more.

This countdown is one of the easiest I have ever made. I found the design on Cricut Design Space, cut it out, and stuck it on a chalkboard. It would look really cute on a whiteboard instead if you would rather go that way.

There were actually quite a few pre-designed countdown to Christmas designs available through Cricut Access so there are others to choose from if you want a different design than the one I chose.

It was a super quick and inexpensive project (I used scraps of vinyl that I already had so I only had to buy the chalkboard which was $2 at Walmart) and I think my kids will have fun changing the number every day. They would also make cute gifts for friends or neighbors.

How to Make a Countdown to Christmas Chalkboard

Finished Size: 8" x 10"

You will need:

  • Cricut Maker or Explore
  • Adhesive Vinyl in red, green, white, and gold
  • transfer tape
  • 8"x 10" chalkboard


Open up the design you want to use in Design Space, the design I used is here. Resize if needed to fit your chalkboard. 

Cut and weed your designs.

Next you will want to put your design onto the transfer tape. There are 2 ways to do this, you can put all of the layers onto the transfer tape and then apply them all at the same time, or you can put one layer on the transfer tape then apply that layer to your board, then repeat with each layer. I chose to use the first option this time. I first put the transfer tape on the red layer and removed the backing. Then I carefully added the white to the transfer tape, aligning it with the red, then removing the backing. Then I repeated the same thing with green and then with the gold.

Whichever way you choose to do it I would start with the red because it is the largest area from top to bottom. I would end with the gold since it has the least contact with the other colors. 

Apply the vinyl to the chalkboard, press it down well, and peel off transfer tape.

Add some chalk and you are ready to go. You could even tie a little piece of twine around the chalk and tie it to the hanging twine. 

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