5 Little Monsters: Easy Tote Bags with Cricut Iron On Designs

Easy Tote Bags with Cricut Iron On Designs

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One of my favorite things when I need a quick project is to make something with iron on. I love to crochet, and I really enjoy sewing and painting and other crafts. But all of those things take time. Sometimes it feels really good to make something that you can make start to finish in only a few minutes. T-shirts and tote bags with iron on designs added to them are so quick and easy to make and there are so many ways you can use them. I make them for my kids, myself, gifts, holidays, and more.

These ones are even easier because instead of designing and cutting my own designs they use pre-made iron on designs. All I needed to do was grab the bag I was using, turn on my EasyPress so it could heat up, open the package, pull out the design, and press. Only minutes and the bag was finished.

There are lots of different pre-made designs to choose from. The designs are more detailed than what you could cut and layer with iron on, more like a print and cut design but a lot easier. I chose 3 different designs for the bags that I made, just to show a few options.

First I chose the Bookworm design. I thought this design was perfect for a library bag, or a gift for someone who loves books. I actually chose this one for myself although I'm sure my kids will steal it eventually.

Second I chose the Good Vibes design.  A positive message for a bag that can be used to carry whatever you want.  I thought my oldest daughter would like this one. She loves to have bags to carry her stuff in, it would also work well for a project bag to carry a crochet project or other projects around in.

The last design I chose was a little different than the others. It was a bunch of little flowers. I cut each flower or group of flowers out separately. Then I chose a couple of the flowers to put in the corner of a small bag. I chose a mini tote bag for this one, the perfect size for a little girl. All of my girls like having bags and purses to carry around their treasures and a small little bag with cute flowers in the corner is perfect for that.

Tote bags are so easy to make for gifts, whether you give the bag itself as the gift or as a gift bag to put something else in. They would be great with holidays coming up for when you need a quick gift or something small to add to a gift. You could even roll one up and use it as a stocking stuffer.

If you haven't tried the Iron On Designs you should give them a try. They are a super easy and fun addition to bags, shirts, pillows, or whatever else you can think of to press them onto. I have some smaller ones that I plan on putting on baby items, onesies, bibs, or burp cloths, to make cute coordinated gift sets.

They are super easy to use, all you need is the Iron On Design, something to press it onto, and an EasyPress or iron. You don't need a Cricut machine to use them, they are already cut and ready to go. The pressing instructions are on the package or if you are using an EasyPress you can use the EasyPress recommended settings interactive chart, just choose Iron On Designs and the fabric you using.

You can see all of the available designs here.

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