5 Little Monsters: Painted Pumpkins 4 Ways

Painted Pumpkins 4 Ways

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Over the past couple of weeks I have shared a couple dollar store foam pumpkin makeovers. Today I have another one to share, or kind of 3 or 4 in one. The simplest way I could think of to transform these pumpkins was with a little bit of paint.

I had a few different ideas on how I could paint them and couldn't decide on just one I wanted to try so I decided to make a few different pumpkins and share them all.

Painted Pumpkins 

First I just wanted to make some painted pumpkins, nothing super out of the ordinary except I kind of wanted to do more non-traditional colors. I went the sort of pastel route with a blush pink and a light green color. I painted the stems with gold metallic paint. The stems are just stuck in with a toothpick type piece so they pull out pretty easily so you can paint them. 

Painted Pumpkin with Vinyl Decal

For this pumpkin I took the green pumpkin that I painted with the pink one and I added some gold vinyl that says "Hello Fall". This is a simple way to take a plain painted pumpkin up a notch. I chose gold to go with the gold stem and I just wanted a simple fall saying. I cut it out with my Cricut. 

Cut it out, weed it, and use transfer tape to apply it to the pumpkin. Be careful as you apply it, don't try to rush. You are not putting it on a flat surface and you want it to fit neatly over the bumps of the pumpkin. It is not hard but you will want to go slowly. 

Glitter Painted Pumpkin

I thought it would be fun to make a Glittered Pumpkin and I had a couple different kinds of glitter paint. FolkArt Extreme Glitter is a super sparkly fine glitter, Glitterific has multiple sizes of glitter including some chunkier flecks. Both are really pretty and sparkly. The Extreme Glitter is more of a shimmery sparkle because the glitter is so fine. Both have a clear base. 

I kind of wanted to experiment with using both kinds of glitter to see if it would make it extra sparkly, kind of double layers of glitter. I think it turned out pretty but I don't know if the fine glitter layer was as noticeable as I had hoped that it would be. 

Because the glitter paints have a clear base coat you need to do a base coat of a similar color before adding the glitter paint. This one was probably the most time consuming because of the multiple layers and drying time in between. The first coat was in FolkArt Acrylic in Parchment (a creamy off-white color), then I added a couple coats of the Extreme Glitter in Champagne, and last a coat of the Glitterific in Unicorn. The stem was painted in gold metallic.

Buffalo Check Pumpkin

The last painted pumpkin I wanted to try was a black and white buffalo check. I freehanded it so it isn't perfect but that is kind of what I was wanting. It was a lot easier than it looks!

First I painted the whole pumpkin pumpkin with a couple coats of white paint. Then I sort of counted off how many sections I needed and where. I followed the bumps of the pumpkin since they kind of gave me natural vertical lines, but there were some that were a lot smaller sections so for some of those I used two sections as one. I divided it into 10 sections (you want an even number) and painted every other one with gray paint. Then I divided it into horizontal sections of similar size to the vertical stripes. I also painted these with gray paint. Last I painted the squares where the gray lines intersect black. 

I first painted the stem with black paint but then decided that that did not give enough contrast to I decided to paint it dark green, which I liked a lot better. 

These are just a few of the painted pumpkin ideas I had, there are so many ways you could paint them, so many color combinations, so many ways to match your Halloween decor whether it is spooky or cute, traditional or not, or any other Halloween style. 

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