5 Little Monsters: 10+ Pumpkin Crafts

10+ Pumpkin Crafts

I have shared a roundup of Halloween crochet and of Halloween Cricut projects, but today I wanted to share all of the pumpkin patterns I have on my site. I am not including any Jack O Lantern crafts, only plain pumpkins that can be used to decorate all throughout the fall, even after Halloween. These all work great for Thanksgiving too. So here are a few different crocheted pumpkin patterns, painted pumpkins, stitched pumpkins, and more.

Crocheted Pumpkins

Crocheted Pumpkin in 2 Sizes

This was one of my earliest crochet patterns and has continued to be one of my most popular patterns each fall. It is a very basic single crochet in the round pattern in 2 sizes. They are small pumpkins, the larger one being about 4" tall.

Crocheted Pumpkin with Bulky Yarn

This pumpkin is made in pretty much the same way as the previous pumpkin but because it is made with super bulky weight yarn it comes out almost twice as big.

Ribbed Crochet Pumpkin

For this pattern I decided I wanted to try a different style of pumpkin, rather than working in the round this one starts as a rectangle that is sewn together and then cinched around the top and bottom to make the pumpkin shape. It is a very easy pattern and includes a step by step video tutorial.

Post Stitch Baby Pumpkin Hat

This baby hat was made as part of a Halloween costume but without the Jack O Lantern shirt it is just a pumpkin hat that can work all fall long. Post stitches give it a bumpy texture like a pumpkin. 

Other Yarn Pumpkins

Loop Yarn Pumpkins

These pumpkins look like they are knit but they are really made with loop yarn and your fingers, no hooks or needles required.

Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin

To make these yarn pumpkins you just need a foam pumpkin (I got mine at the dollar store), some yarn, and some hot glue.

Painted Pumpkins

Painted Pumpkins 4 Ways

These pumpkins all also use the foam pumpkins from the dollar store. I played around with some different ways to paint them including glitter, buffalo check, and adding vinyl. 

Flower Filled Pumpkin

Another painted dollar store pumpkin, this time painted gold with the top cut off. The inside is hollow so it is perfect for a fall floral arrangement. 

Painted Pumpkin with Crocheted Flowers

Paint a plain wooden pumpkin cutout and then add crocheted flowers in fall colors for a fun finishing touch. 

Stitched Pumpkins

Pieced Pumpkin Pillow

This quilted pumpkin pillow is made using simple rectangles, squares, and triangles. A variety of orange fabrics are used for the pumpkin, and the pieced border. 

Pumpkin Embroidery

This one is a little bit of am exception to the no Halloween crafts rule that I set for this post. Technically this is a Halloween project, or part of one. It is one of a set of 3 embroideries, the others being a bat and a witches hat, but this one by itself could definitely work past Halloween even if the others in the set don't. Made with a combination of paint and embroidery this is a fun and simple mixed media project. 

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