5 Little Monsters: Mini Donut Christmas Treats

Mini Donut Christmas Treats

My kids love when, every once in a while, we buy a box of mini donuts. Sometimes we will get them as treats for a family night or part of a special breakfast and they are a hit every time. 

While I was at the store the other day I saw some powdered sugar packs and I thought it would be fun to turn them into little snowmen as a fun Christmas treat. I thought they would be cute as something the kids could make to give to their friends, or maybe as treats for a school class, or even as little stocking stuffers. 

Snowmen would work for white powdered sugar donuts, but a lot of my kids prefer chocolate. I thought maybe we could turn the chocolate ones into little reindeer, and I think they turned out pretty cute. 

All you need is some cardstock, glue, and ribbon, and for the reindeer some googly eyes and pom poms, and orange and black permanent markers for the snowman. 

They were really quick and easy to make, easy enough to do with kids, and made a fun treat even more fun and festive. 

How to Make Mini Donut Christmas Treats

You will need:

  • packaged mini donuts (in clear packages) I buy them at Walmart in boxes of 12
  • ribbon (for both)
  • cardstock (black for snowmen, tan for reindeer)
  • glue 
  • black and orange permanent markers (for snowmen)
  • red or black small pom poms (for reindeer)
  • small adhesive backed googly eyes


To make the Snowmen:

Start with a pack of white powdered sugar donuts. 

Cut a hat shape out of black cardstock, glue to the top of the package.

Draw a face with the permanent markers over the top donut. Optional: draw buttons on the other donuts.

Tie a ribbon around the neck as a scarf. You may want to add a little bit of adhesive to hold the ribbons down to look more like a scarf. 

To make the Reindeer:

Start with a pack of chocolate frosted donuts.

Cut 2 antler shapes out of tan cardstock. Glue to the top of the package. 

Add googly eyes and Pom Pom nose to the top 2 donuts. 

Tie a ribbon around as a scarf. 

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  1. This is such a cute idea. Thank you for always providing simple projects for me and my kiddos to accomplish.