5 Little Monsters: Yarn Wrapped Easter Eggs

Yarn Wrapped Easter Eggs

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Lately I have been enjoying really quick and easy craft projects. You would think being home more would mean more time for projects but that is not the case. Instead I find myself trying to find a few minutes here and there throughout the day to work on my own craft projects, or to make stuff with the kids. But with everything going on I find myself craving that creative time even more than normal.

Last fall I made a yarn wrapped foam pumpkin using a pumpkin from the dollar store, and I thought it would be fun to use that same idea with foam eggs for Easter. Because they are smaller it only takes  a small amount of yarn so it is great for little balls of yarn left over from other projects.

I went through my yarn and pulled out some smaller balls of yarn in bright spring colors, it hardly takes any so even the smallest scraps will work. Then you just need some foam eggs and a glue gun with glue sticks to add some color to your Easter decor.

How to Make Yarn Wrapped Easter Eggs

You will need:

  • foam eggs (the ones I used are out of stock but these are similar)
  • small amount of yarn in a variety of colors (all of mine was medium weight acrylic because that is what I have the most of but really anything will work)
  • glue gun with extra glue sticks


Optional: There were some spots on my eggs that had small gaps between the yarn and you could see the white egg underneath, to avoid this you can either just be really careful to make sure you keep the yarn wraps tight against each other, or you could paint the eggs in a matching color prior to wrapping so that any color that shows through matches the yarn and is less noticeable. 

Start with a little dot of glue on one end of your foam eggs and stick the end of the yarn to the glue. Add more glue and begin to spiral the yarn around the egg. Try to keep your wraps as close together as you can to avoid gaps. Continue adding a little glue, then wrapping the yarn until you have wrapped the whole egg. Cut the yarn and make sure the end is glued down securely. 

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