5 Little Monsters: 8 Baby Gifts to Sew

8 Baby Gifts to Sew

When someone I know has a new baby I love making a baby gift to give them. I often like to pair my handmade gift with something super practical, like diapers, but I love adding something handmade by me. 

I thought I would share a few baby gift ideas that you can sew, some are really quick and easy projects, some are great for using up scraps, and some take more time and planning, but they are all sewing projects perfect for a new baby.

8 Gifts to Sew for Baby

Quick & Easy Baby Blanket

This easy flannel blanket is based on a gift I got from a friend when my second baby was born. It is a nice, big 2 layer flannel blanket and I used it all the time. I figured if I loved it so much for my baby other people probably would too, so I started making them for gifts. It has 

Seeing Spots Cuddle Quilt

This quilt is made with Cuddle fabric so it is super soft and cuddly. It is made with simple squares and rectangles so it is easy to cut out and sew together. 

Easy Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths

Make a set of burp cloths with pre-folded cloth diapers and a little bit of fun fabric. They are so handy to keep in the diaper bag and will be sure to be used. 

Double Gauze and Terry Burp Cloths

Another type of burp cloths, these are made with a fun double gauze or muslin print on one side and terry cloth on the other so it is nice for wiping and cleaning. 

Baby Travel Set

This Diaper Clutch and Zipper Pouch are perfect for keeping in your purse or in the car so you always have some extra diapers, wipes, etc. wherever you go. Or keep them in your diaper bag to keep everything organized. 

Pacifier Clip

These little pacifier clips are made to fit pretty much any size or style of pacifier with an elastic loop on one end. The other end has a mitten clip that can clip onto baby's clothes. 

No-Scratch Baby Mittens

Keep little babies from accidentally scratching themselves with these cute little baby mittens. 

Stuffed Whale Toy

Another fun thing to make for baby gifts is handmade toys and stuffed animals. This little stuffed whales part of a set that included a coordinating onesie. 

* That was 8 baby gifts that you can sew, but I thought I would add one last project idea as a bonus. This one doesn't use a sewing machine, and you aren't really "sewing" it so I didn't include it in my original list, but embroidery is kind of related so I thought I would include it as a bonus. 

Embroidered Onesies

When you feel like a little hand stitching these onesies are a great project. Simple little designs don't take long to stitch but add a super cute, personalized touch to a plain onesie. 

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  1. Great ideas for baby gift. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.