5 Little Monsters: Harry Potter Shrinky Dinks

Harry Potter Shrinky Dinks

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Like the Perler Beads that I shared at the beginning of the week, Shrinky Dinks are another activity that is always a big hit with my kids. Recently they found an old Shrinky Dink they made at an event we went to almost a year ago and were reminded of the fun that they had. 

We decided it was time to try it again, and with this week being full of Harry Potter projects we thought it would be fun to make some Harry Potter themed Shrinky Dinks. 

I had some shrink plastic in my craft supplies that I ordered on Amazon a long time ago. The set I ordered came with some little metal jewelry making accessories (jump rings, keychains, earrings, bead chains, etc) to turn your little works of art into keychains and more. My kids love adding little keychains and zipper pulls to their backpacks, so this is a perfect project for this time of year with school starting back up soon. 

I made some little Harry Potter doodles that we printed off and traced, then colored in and heated up in the oven to shrink. The kids loved seeing them shrink. It is pretty amazing to see how big they start and how small they end up. 

How to Make Harry Potter Shrinky Dinks

You will need:


Print the Harry Potter Doodles or draw some designs of your own.

Trace the designs onto the shrink film. I used a black permanent marker to trace the designs. 

Color in the designs. We used colored pencils to color ours. 

Cut out the designs, punching holes where you want them. You may want to cut right along the outline, or leave a little blank plastic border. 

Lay your cut out plastic pieces on a cookie sheet and put in a 325 degree oven for 1-3 minutes. They will start to curl up and then flatten. Once they have shrunk and flattened again leave them in the oven for a few seconds more, then take them out. 

Put the jump rings, key rings, chains, or other jewelry findings into the holes to turn them into keychains, zipper pulls or jewelry. 

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