5 Little Monsters: Sorting Hat Candy Boxes

Sorting Hat Candy Boxes

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Which Hogwarts House do you belong to? Have you taken quizzes to be sorted or just feel like you belong in a particular house? Or maybe both?

I am 100% Ravenclaw. Like, everyone who knows me well would guess Ravenclaw for me, and every quiz I have ever taken has put me in Ravenclaw. It is where I would guess for myself as well. I did Pottermore, years ago and then again later when they changed it, both times I was sorted into Ravenclaw. Every stupid Buzzfeed type quiz I have ever done has ended with the same result, even "Pick your favorite PopTart flavors and we will tell you which house you belong in". It is so ridicules it has kind of become a joke in our house. 

My oldest daughter is a Hufflepuff and she is very proud of that. My middle daughter is definitely a Gryffindor. It is fun to be sorted and I thought these little sorting hat shaped candy boxes would be a fun way to sort at a Harry Potter themed party or even just as a treat to eat as part of a movie night. 

They are simple little cardstock boxes, I used Kraft cardstock to get the light brown color. I cut them out with my Cricut, then glued them together and filled them with M&M's, either red, green, yellow, or blue. Close them up and then when it is time to open them your guests will be sorted into houses according to the color of candy in their box. 

How to Make Sorting Hat Candy Boxes

You will need:


Follow the prompts in Design Space to cut and score the boxes. 

Fold along the score lines and glue the box together using the tabs, leaving the top triangle and tabs open to be able to open/close the box.

Glue the rectangle to the bottom of the triangle box to make the hat brim. 

Fill each box with one color of candy, then tuck in the tabs to close the box. 

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