5 Little Monsters: Easy Magic Wands

Easy Magic Wands

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 Time for another Harry Potter project today, although this one is not really super Harry Potter specific. It could work for any magic theme where wands are involved. 

I have made these several times, but never shared them here so I thought it was time. The first time I made one like this it was a last minute Halloween costume. My son decided he wanted to dress up for school the day before Halloween and we had to throw a costume together really fast. He decided to dress up as a Hogwarts student and wanted a wand. 

I had seen wands in the past that used hot glue to make the different textures and designs, so I looked through my craft supplies and found a package of dowels. I figured that would work perfectly, and it did. We have made them several times since then, for other Halloween costumes and cosplays. 

All you need is a small dowel, a glue gun and glue sticks, some brown paint and a paintbrush. It is super inexpensive and quick to make. Easy enough that you could probably even have kids help make them, depending on the age and with a little help or supervision with the glue gun.

How to Make Easy Magic Wands

You will need:


Use the glue gun to create designs on the handle section of the wand, You can add the glue as high up as you want I just like the look of keeping it more on one side to make a handle, for an elder wand style wand you may want to add glue further up the dowel. You can add rings around the dowel, stripes up and down, swirls, anything you want. 

Let the glue dry fully.

Paint the wand, both the wood and glue sections. You may have to sort of dab the paint into the spaces between the glue to make sure everything gets fully covered. 

Let the paint dry. 

Enjoy your new wand.

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