5 Little Monsters: Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornaments with Iron On Designs

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornaments with Iron On Designs

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One last Christmas in July project to go along with my Christmas Finger Puppet Set, and Moss Stitch Stocking. Since those two projects were crocheted I wanted to do something different for this one, so I made a Cricut project. 

These easy ornaments use small embroidery hoops, I used 3" hoops, but rather than stitching on the fabric I used iron on to put the design on the fabric. Then I finished them off with a little bit of Christmasy ribbon or trim around the hoop and a felt backing. 

I really liked the contrast of black and white, and went back and forth a little bit on whether I wanted to use black fabric with white iron on, or white fabric with black iron on. I obviously ended up choosing the black fabric, and I was happy with my choice. I had a bunch of red and green trims and chose a few different ones to add to the back of each ornament, or around the edge of the hoop. Then just to give it a nice, clean finish I cut out felt circles and added them to the back of each ornament. 

Once I decided on fabric, trim, and designs, these ornaments worked up really fast. I chose to create some designs using a simple wreath with a word in the center, words that I in some way associate with Christmas. But, the truth is you could add anything you want to one of these ornaments, the options are pretty much endless. 

How to Make Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornaments with Iron On Designs

You will need:


Open the Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornament file in Design Space. Or create your own designs to make your ornaments. I made the designs to be 2.25" across to fit easily in the 3" embroidery hoop. 

Cut the designs out of iron on. Don't forget to mirror your designs. 

Weed the cut out designs.

Cut a pieces of fabric to fit in the hoop with plenty of overhang. 

Press the design onto the center of fabric. 

Put the fabric in the hoop with the design centered and tighten. 

Trim the fabric so there is just a little bit left around the edge of hoop (about 1/2"- 1"). 

Fold the fabric around the back of the hoop and glue to the inside edge. 

Glue trim around the hoop. For the ornament that I used ribbon I glued it around the edge of the hoop to cover the outside edge. For the rickrack and other trims I glued them to the back of the frame with the trim sticking out past the edge of the hoop.

Cut a piece of felt to fit on the back of the hoop and glue in place. 

You can add a ribbon or ornament hook to the screw on the hoop.

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