5 Little Monsters: Gift Card Holder Tags

Gift Card Holder Tags

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May is always such a crazy month. It is the end of the school year so there are always lots of activities, banquets, award ceremonies, performances, etc. Then you throw on top of that the fact that kids, at least in our district, have state and end of the year testing going on, and plans are being made for summer. It just gets crazy busy. 

One of the things that happens in May is that there are lots of occasions where you need a gift for someone. Between teacher appreciation week at the beginning of the month, Mother's Day in the middle, and then graduations towards the end, it is a month full of gift giving. 

Gift cards are always a nice thing to give, and I feel like sometimes I don't like to give gift cards, at least not by themselves, because they can seem less personal than other gifts, like I don't know what to get you so here is a gift card. But for these 3 occasions they can be really great. Teachers can always use a gift card to somewhere like Walmart, Amazon, or Target where they can get school supplies or anything else they want or need, or gift cards to a favorite restaurant or drink place can be a nice treat. Mom's often spend a lot of their time and money on making sure other's needs are taken care of so a gift card to mom's favorite store or restaurant could be a nice way for them to be able to get something for themselves. And recent grads usually don't have a lot to start out with and gift cards to get food or other things they need as they head off to college or start out life after school.

Sometimes to make the gift card a little more personalized I like to pair it with a small gift, sometimes something handmade, sometimes not. As I was prepping teacher appreciation gifts this week I thought about how it would be nice to have a simple way to attach a gift card to a small gift in a cute way, and I thought that a gift tag that doubled as a gift card holder would be really great way to make that happen.

Since I was focusing on the occasions that are happening right now, or within the next few weeks I made 3 different tag designs. One for Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation, and Graduation. You could change out the design for another occasion if you would like, but I stuck with those three for now. 

How to Make Gift Card Holder Tags

You will need:


To make this design I used a few images already available in design space and adjusted them to be what I wanted. The graphics on each tag were images that I found on Design Space and flattened onto the tag in order to do a print then cut. 

Select the tags that you want to make, then click on the make it button. It will give you the option to send your design to the printer. 

Print your tags. 

Place the printed page on the mat being sure to orient it the same as on the preview screen so that the Cricut can read the registration marks and cut it properly. 

Select the material and tools you will be using. The default scoring tool is the single scoring wheel, I couldn't find mine so I just edited the tools to change it to the scoring stylus. Either one works, you just need to be sure you have the correct tools selected. 

Score and cut your tag.

Fold on the score line so the angled piece with the image is folded up over the tag part with the image to the outside. Then fold the tabs so that they wrap around the tag to the back and glue in place. 

Glue the rectangle to the back of the tag to cover the tabs and secure the front pocket in place. 

Then all you need to do is insert a gift card in the little pocket on the front and tie it to your gift! The blank space on the back is the perfect place to write your to and from.

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