5 Little Monsters: Fruit Hats on a Knitting Loom

Fruit Hats on a Knitting Loom

Earlier this year my little sister made a bunch of baby hats and I thought that they were so cute that I had to share them. She made them on a knitting loom and finished them with crochet details, little stems and leaves to make them look like different kinds of fruit. I thought it was really neat how she turned a simple loom knit hat into so many different, cute designs. A pumpkin, an apple, a watermelon, and lots of others. I don't have directions for how she made each one but I thought I would show pictures of them and maybe they will inspire someone to make some cute, loom knit hats of their own.

She started off with a pumpkin. I had made a crocheted pumpkin hat and I think that is where she got the idea. Once she figured out how to make it on a knitting loom she started trying other fruits and ended up with a whole basket full of cute hats. For the pumpkin she made most of the hat with orange yarn, switching to green for the last few rows. Then she finished it off by crocheting a stem on the top. A curly little crocheted vine finished it off.

My personal favorite is the apple. I thought it turned out super cute and would be perfect for a little late summer/early fall baby. All done in red yarn with a rolled brim, a little brown stem and green leaf finish it.

She also made an orange with a short brown stem and green leaf.

To make a watermelon she started with green around the bottom, then did the rest of the hat in red. After she finished she added little black stitches all around the red part to make the seeds.

She made a couple different purple hats trying to make a plum but I think that the one with the little brown stem could work as a grape too, or maybe a blueberry if it was made with blue yarn.

Speaking of berries, she made a couple of those too, including this strawberry. A green top and little yellow seeds and you have a cute little strawberry hat.

Last but not least is this raspberry hat. For this one she used a thicker, textured yarn, I think it was Lion Brand Homespun. Then she made skinny little stem and a leaf.

I thought these hats were so creative and cute, especially for a teenager. Hopefully they will be a little inspiration for someone to make some cute little baby hats of their own.

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  1. Where can I get the pattern?? I am knitting hats for the newborns at our hospital and I thought these would be so cute to donate!! Thank you!