5 Little Monsters: Halloween Embroidery Trio

Halloween Embroidery Trio

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Every month I design a few projects for Fairfield World using their products. Occasionally they will partner with other companies so that we can use their products in out projects as well. When they asked if I was interested in using DecoArt products in one of my projects I knew right away the type of project that I wanted to do. Earlier this year I made an embroidery that combined a stencil and fabric paint with the embroidery. It was really fun to combine paint and embroidery and it turned out to be one of my very favorite projects. I wanted to do something similar to that again. I picked out the paints that I wanted to try, SoSoft Fabric Paint to paint on the fabric, and Chalky Finish Paint to paint the frames. I originally thought that I would make a Christmas project but when I got the paints I was really excited to get started on a project and there were some colors that I thought would be perfect for Halloween. I decided to do a Halloween project instead. I like to use interfacing or fusible fleece behind my embroidery projects and for this project I chose to use Smooth Fusible Fleece from Fairfield World.

First I picked 3 simple shapes that I made stencils for and then I painted those shapes on the fabric and added the stitching. I ended up making a pumpkin, a witch hat, and a bat. I picked up some inexpensive unfinished wood frames at Michael's and painted those to match the embroideries. 

When I got out all of the paints my kids saw me and got really excited and they all wanted to help me paint. I thought, how bad could it be, and decided to let them paint. I was surprised at how bad it really could be. I figured since I was just painting each frame one solid color they would be able to help me but boy was it bad. Let's just say there was a lot of evening out to do after they were done, not to mention the fighting over who got to paint which color and not wanting to use the colors that I picked. In the end though they loved it and I was able to get my project done, next time I will just have to remember to pick up extra frames so that they can do their own projects while I do mine. 

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