5 Little Monsters: Painted Rocks with Gold Accents

Painted Rocks with Gold Accents

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It has been a while since I have participated in a Craft Lightning, where a bunch of bloggers get together and share quick crafts that can be made in 15 minutes or less. Each round of Craft Lightning has a specific theme and this time it is Painted Rocks.

Click on the Picture above to see all of the cool painted rocks every day this week. There are taco rocks, moon landing rocks, and lots of other cool ideas.

When I think of painting rocks I think of my brother Sam, he draws really cool, sometimes very intricate designs with Sharpie markers. As neat as his rocks are I wanted to make something that didn't take quite as much skill. Something that could be made by anyone regardless of artistic talent. 

I recently got a box of supplies from Plaid Crafts that had some new products in in including their new Treasure Gold paint. It was something I was excited to try and I thought gold accents would be pretty fun on the rocks. 

I searched around outside for some rocks, you can buy them but we have some rocky areas in our yard so I just looked out there. My 3 year old loved helping me hunt for rocks.  Once we found some I liked we washed them really well and set them outside to dry. 

One of the great things about painting rocks is it is a great project to get kids involved in. Once my kids saw me getting out the paints they all came to join in. Rocks are a cheap (or in our case free since we just found them in our yard) canvas, so they can paint as many as they want. It kept them busy for a long time. 

My 3 year old declared his rocks his so special and put them in his room where they wouldn't get lost. 

My 7 year old painted as many rocks as she could find, the bigger the better. She made lots of colorful creations. 

I chose a variety of pastel colors to paint my rocks. I gave them a good base coat in one color, each one a different color, including a second coat if I felt like it needed it. I painted all the way around the rocks. 

Once the paint was dry I used painters tape to tape off sections of each rock. Then I added the gold accents. Because the rocks are not perfectly smooth or straight the lines weren't perfect so I had to touch up a few sections after peeling off the tape. 

I really liked the combination of pastel colors combined with the gold. And they are simple enough for anyone to make. 

How to Make Painted Rocks with Gold Accents

You will need:


Wash and dry your rocks before getting started.

Paint each rock the base coat color. You may need 2 coats to get good coverage. Set aside to dry.

Wrap tape around sections of each rock to create stripes or sections that you want to be gold. Make sure to press edges down securely so that your lines are as crisp as possible. 

Paint the taped off sections gold. I needed 2 coats to get really nice coverage. 

Remove tape and let dry. 

Touch up any areas that need it. 

Spray with clear sealing spray. 

For more Rock Painting Ideas check out this new book: Rock Painting for Beginners

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