5 Little Monsters: 24 Quick Crochet Projects for Summer

24 Quick Crochet Projects for Summer

I think that crochet often gets seen as a cold weather craft. In the fall and winter we make lots of hats, scarves, and blankets, and other cold weather accessories. But once the weather starts to warm there isn't the same need for hats and scarves, and the thought of working on a big, heavy blanket isn't very appealing. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of summery crochet projects though. I looked through my crochet patterns and picked out 24 quick and easy, small projects that would be perfect for making this summer. Some are summery in theme (like 4th of July) and others are just small projects that would be great for any time of year. 

24 Small Projects to Crochet this Summer

1. Vintage Camper Pillow

I thought this camper pillow needed to be a part of this list because one of the first things that comes to mind when I think summer is vacation. Its small size makes it quick to make and the perfect summer decoration for your home or your camper. 

2. Star Dishcloth

Dishcloths are a great small crochet project, and this star shaped one is perfect for the 4th of July. 

3. Patriotic Mason Jar Cover

Crochet a simple but festive centerpiece for the Fourth with this Patriotic Jar Cozy. 

4. Water Bottle Holder

I originally made this as a July 4th themed project using red, white, and blue yarn, but you could obviously make it in any color. It is perfect for carrying water bottles on hikes, walks, and outings during the summer. 

5. Crossover Purse

Kind of along the same lines as the water bottle holder, little purses are another quick and easy project. This simple little crossbody purse is the perfect size to hold a phone, or it can hold all of a child's little treasures. 

6. Mermaid Tail Purse

I added a few little purses and bags to this list because they are such easy projects and kids love them, at least I know mine do. They are always filling little purses and bags with things. This mermaid tail purse is such a fun shape. I even have a coordinating pencil bag pattern you can make to go along with it. 

7. Unicorn Purse

One more little bag is this unicorn purse. I know lots of other little girls who love unicorns so this purse is sure to be a big hit.

8. Pencil Bag

You can make some pencil bags in preparation for the next school year starting at the end of summer, or make it to use now and fill it up with art supplies, makeup, or other small items. I have this plain version as well as several fun variations as well that you can find HERE

 9. Business Card Holder

This quick project is perfect for carrying business cards in your purse, or you could even use it as a card wallet to hold you drivers license and credit cards.

10. Coin Purse

If you have small scraps of yarn you want to use up this little coin purse is a great small project. It was originally part of a stocking stuffer series I did but you could use it any time of year.

11. Laptop Case

I used a striped yarn cake to make this Laptop Case but you could make it in any color, or colors you want. It is also easy to adjust the size to fit any size of laptop or tablet.

12. Chapstick Holder

Another great scrap project, these chapstick holders in two different styles take only a few minute and hardly any yarn to make. Hook them onto your purse, backpack or keychain to keep from losing your chapstick.

13. Owl Keychain

Keychains are another quick project. This little owl uses 2 colors of lightweight yarn with felt features.

14. Trinity Stitch Dishcloths

Dishcloths are a great way to try new stitches and make a quick, useful project. I have lots of patterns for dishcloths, using several different stitches. I chose to include these trinity stitch dishcloths because the colors I used in the samples are bright and summery. You can find 22 different washcloth and dishcloth patterns HERE.

15. Face Scrubbies

Along the same lines as washcloths, face scrubbier are another small project that works up quickly. They are a great way to use up scraps of cotton yarn. I like to make sets of 2 or 3.

16. Crocheted Coasters

Bright colors and geometric design add a modern touch to these single crochet coasters.

17.  Crocheted Succulents

I most definitely do not have a green thumb, so crocheting myself some plants that will never die is the perfect solution, like these crocheted succulents.

18.  Crocheted Cookies

This is probably one of the quickest and easiest crochet patterns ever. They look like chocolate sandwich cookies and you can turn them into magnets or make them as play food for kids.

19.  Hogwarts House Scarf Bookmarks

Have any Harry Potter fans in the house? Make these house scarf bookmarks to encourage reading this summer. 

20. Ice Cream Cones

Crochet Ice Cream Cones in any color/flavor. You can even string them together to make a summery garland.

21. Tiny Owl Amigurumi

Amigurumi is a great summer crochet project. I have lots of Amigurumi projects on my blog, both large and small, but I thought I would include some of the smaller ones here. First I have this Tiny Owl Amigurumi. This is a super quick project to make and even has a video tutorial

22. Crocheted Sun Amigurumi

Another small, and summery Amigurumi is this Smiley Sun. I crocheted this a year or two ago while sitting at the park watching my kids play. 

23. Farm Animal Finger Puppets

This isn't am Amigurumi project, but it is a toy so kind of along the same lines. Finger puppets are such a great quiet toy and this little set even includes a matching drawstring bag. 

24. Mini Ami Animals

Last but not least is the most recent pattern on this list. I shared this project just this week. These little Amigurumi animals are only about 5 inches tall and you can mix and match the pattern to make a bear, a bunny, or a cat. 

Hopefully this list gives you an idea of some quick projects to make this summer!

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