5 Little Monsters: Gnome Pillow

Gnome Pillow

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Today I am joining several other bloggers and Fairfield World for a Pillow Party! We are all sharing Winter or Holiday themed pillows using Fairfield World's lumbar pillow insert, and do an awesome giveaway. Keep scrolling for the giveaway details. 

I have seen so much gnome stuff this Christmas so when I was thinking of what I could make with this long rectangular pillow I thought gnomes would be fun. 

I just made a basic pillow cover, envelope style with overlapping pieces in the back so that I could remove the cover, and added a row of little gnome appliqués to the front. 

I used a textured fleece for the beards. I thought about using faux fur, which I think would be really cute, but I decided I didn't want to mess with trying to sew it on. For the hats I used a variety of Christmas-y colored plaids. The noses are made with fabric covered buttons. 

Get all of the Pillow Party details HERE. 

As part of this year's Pillow Party you can enter to win an awesome prize including a 10 lb. box of Polyfil and a $100 gift card. 

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How to Make an Appliquéd Gnome Pillow

You will need:


First download the pattern for the gnome hat and beard at the link below:

Gnome Applique Pattern

Cut out your pieces as follows:

Main Fabric -

    1 rectangle 15"x 29" (pillow front)

    1 rectangle 15"x 25" (piece 1 of pillow back)

    1 rectangle 15" x 9" (piece 2 of pillow back)


    cut out 5 beards using the beard pattern

Plaid Fabrics-

    cut one hat out of each of the 5 prints using the hat pattern


    cut out 5 circles for the noses using the template that came with your button kit

Lay out the gnome hats and beards on you pillow to determine placement. Once you are happy with the placement pin the beards in place. 

Sew the beards to the pillow front. Because I wasn't worried about the fleece fraying I just sewed around the beards with a straight stitch just inside the edge. 

Place the hats so that they just overlap the top edge of the beards and pin in place. Stitch the hats onto the pillow front. I used a small zigzag stitch for this part.

Follow the instructions in the button cover kit to make your fabric covered buttons. Stitch one to the middle of each gnome. 

Take your 2 back pieces and stitch a narrow hem in one 15" side of each. 

Place the pillow front right side up, then lay the two back pieces on the front right sides down with the raw edges matching up and the hemmed edges overlapping in the middle. Pin together.

Stitch around the outside edge of the pillow with a 1/2" seam allowance. 

Turn right side out and add the insert. 


  1. I love your pillow. Thank you so much for participating and sharing your creativity.

  2. I would buy a little of everything at JoAnns.

  3. I have grandchildren, some of them are crafters. We get into a JoAnn's and the possibilities are endless. Thank you for your continued inspirations and creativity.

  4. Love the textured fleece for the beards.

  5. If I had a $100 I’d get more yarn to crochet with and a hard sewing machine case 😁. Those gnomes are adorable

  6. I would most probably spend the bulk of it on yarn and crochet thread The rest I would spend on accessories for crochet projects like beads, doll eyes, hoops, etc

  7. Thank you for the oppertunity to win this give away. I would purchase lots of yarn at JoAnn's I love yarn!!!

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